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why rappers sell their soul to the devil?

Why rappers sell their soul to the devil?

Rappers are the people who express their songs in a form of a rap, which is commonly defined as the chanting of rhyming words and lyrics. To be one of the successful rappers, it is vital that one is able to develop a good sense of vocal presence, enunciation, and breathe control. Vocal presence is one vital trait for rappers to have, since it must be distinct yet recognizable. Enunciation facilitates how the rap will flow, thereby establishing the delivery of the song in rap form. And breathe control is one vital element because it is through the rapper’s breathing that raps are cut and uttered again. An excellent interplay of these three elements can make one good rapper.

As rappers evolved and gradually sprouted from various parts of the world, there has been a circulating speculation regarding rappers of today. Rumors have it that rappers sell their soul to the devil. Surveys were conducted and it was discovered that such rumor is true. Among the many rappers who sold their souls to the devil are Snoop Dogg, Jay-Z, Color Me Bad band and Ja Rule, to name a few. Their submission to the devil can be seen through the lyrics of their songs. One major why these rappers sell their souls to the devil is because they basically want to instantly get rich and be famous. To make the records a sure hit and have it top the charts, rappers sacrifice their souls in exchange for such material pleasure.

Over the years, the songs produced by such artists are deemed to have great influence from the devil. Many speculators believed that the upbeat music is the devil’s way of tempting people to engage in inhumane behaviors, especially in clubs and bars.


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