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Why Should Abortion Be Legal?

Why Should Abortion Be Legal?

Although various organizations and sectors condemn the act of abortion, all states in US do have a legalized practice on abortion. Its legalization is anchored on the notion that every woman has the right to make medical decisions and choices for ones own body. It does not say that the embryo or the fetus does not have rights but only to a certain point that the fetus has thrived and can be considered as an independent person. The woman still has the control over a situation of pregnancy over the fetus.

A loss or an act of taking away a part of you is never an easy road. It makes one weigh pros and cons of having the baby or not. The legalization of abortion affords the woman with her rights.

Abortion should be legal for the following reasons; in most number of times, abortion protects the woman’s health and life. Medical conditions which may result one to decide to undergo abortion are; sickle cell anemia, heart diseases, kidney diseases, severe diabetes, severe hypertension as these can be life-threatening to the woman or the mother. With these given conditions, the woman is also cautioned to subject herself in proper medical process as this situation may result to future miscarriages which would even be peril. In abortion, the woman is given the will to decide on her individuality and fate to bare a child considering her capabilities as to economic resources and emotional support.

Moreover, for women victims of incest and rape, they are given a chance to decide to continue pregnancy despite the savage and inhumane way it was committed. The chances of having an unwanted child as a result of crimes would be lessen. Women in impending trauma and fear may also lack the capacity to raise a child in a loving atmosphere and in a healthy way. So with these, legalization of abortion be afforded to every woman.

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  1. to me I am both against it and for it bc if a woman gets raped and she aint where she can get an abortion and I am against it bc at the age of 2 weeks they already have fingernail but just to get and abortion to get it that’s not acceptable lol just sayin

  2. get more info and example to y not to get an abortion

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