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Why should Everyone vote?

Why should Everyone vote?

Voting is an act of making a choice over options that will end in a decision or result. In politics, the term is frequently used especially when election are coming. The act of voting is deemed to be a significant technique in exercising democracy over power and authority. Although many issues and conflicts arise due to implications of voting, this essential right and responsibility is indeed a simple thing to do yet the most important task of each and every citizen in order to make a difference.

Even in countries where democracy is not their type of government, voting is still of its essence. To vote is every individual’s duty. It is stipulated in the laws promulgated by the Constitution, especially for democratic countries, that every citizen of every nation has the power and task to put a reasonable person in office, who is highly devoted in serving the country and its people, with fear in the Almighty. Thus, everyone should vote to practice one’s rights and become a responsible individual. In accordance to this right, voting is a form of expression and communication that allows the people to participate, become an active member of the society and be heard by those in people in high office. To vote is an act of courage regardless of the outcome and an act of commitment to one’s country and fellowmen. And one final reason why everyone should vote is because of one’s ability to do so. Given the gift to vote is one thing which should not be taken for granted but instead be used. For some, this tremendous present is something to fight and die for while others just simply take this important thing for granted and assumes that there’s no such thing as voting that exists.


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