Why should Gum be allowed in school?

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Why should Gum be allowed in school?

Time and again, chewing gum at school is a big, fat NO!” particularly because students stick their chewed gum under the seats, tables, ceiling, or anywhere that is not a trashcan. Plus, there are students who chew loudly or popping their gum during class which creates a distraction. But, chewing a gum at school actually has a number of positive effects, aside from the prevention of tooth decay and enhanced saliva flow in the mouth which is orally healthy especially when sugar-free.

Chewing gum helps students to do better at school

According to studies, chewing a gum is academically beneficial to students in many ways. Statistics show that chewing gum improves a student’s capacity to learn and pay attention in class by 3%, it develops memory by 28%, it increases one’s ability to speed-read by 80%, and it improves one’s IQ by 15 points. Experts also revealed that chewing gum is useful to children diagnosed with ADHD. Chewing a gum helps ADHD students to concentrate in class and perform well on the tasks given to them.

Chewing gum as stress reliever

The life of a student is full of pressure. However, the very act of chewing a gum relieves mental stress and aids students to do well even when faced with a nerve-racking situation. Chewing gum helps improve an individual’s alertness while reducing one’s anxiety level. Evidences also showed that the degree of cortisol found in the saliva is lowered when chewing a gum. Cortisol is the hormone that an individual produces whenever stressed.

Chewing gum and weight loss

Although majority of the chewing gums are sweet and full of calories which is unhealthy, chewing gum actually suppresses hunger resulting to a decrease in calorie intake, reduced snack cravings, while providing a well sustained energy level. Because of this, sugar-free” gums are endorsed by experts as healthy alternative to the sweetened gums, and can be added as part of a weight loss program.

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