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Why should handguns be banned?

Why should handguns be banned?

We live in a world where danger usually lurks in every corner.  Sometimes, self defense could not protect us from these dangers. That’s why a lot of people buy guns for their own protection.  However, guns are very risky.  It can kill in an instant.  This is the number one reason why handguns should be banned.

Aside from the peril that handguns bring, this should be banned because of the following reasons:

  1. Banning of guns decreases murder rate in the community. People usually get murdered with the use of gun.  It’s the fastest weapon in killing an enemy.
  2. When guns are banned, we feel more peaceful and confident.  If guns will be used by any person, even crazy persons will have access to it.  Knowing their incapacity to think well, they will definitely use guns anytime and shoot it to anybody.
  3. Ordinary people owning a gun would be tempted to use it especially if they are in the verge of anger.  A person in deep rage does not think right.  He may use the gun to strike back and to relieve his fury.
  4. In the news, even little children tried to use a handgun without even knowing how it works.  This is very dangerous especially if the gun has bullets in it. At a very young age, they might commit a crime which they innocently did.
  5. Guns are the reason of violence and supremacy.  If people have guns, they tend to be domineering. They threaten people to follow them and if they won’t they will use their guns as a form of intimidation.

Citizens don’t need guns to protect themselves because there are authorities who are responsible for that.  These people such as the police, military, body guards are authorized to use them.  They have been trained and briefed when to use guns properly.

Handguns are like devils.  They convince you to kill anybody which in the end might also cost your lives in great danger.


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  1. I can tell by reading your article that you really don’t know much about the issue but simply want to prattle off misleading and incorrect information.

    First off, if you ban handguns it will not decrease murders but would most likely increase them (look to Washington D.C. to find out why.) Banning the handgun will only stop law abiding citizens from getting them, not criminals who possess them illegally now.

    Secondly the supreme court has said several times that it is not the job, duty or responsability of law enforcement agencies to protect individual citizens, only the populace at large, therefore we cannot depend on their protection.

    Your other points are so muddled and confused there is no point to even try and show you just how wrong you are.

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