Wondering Why?

Why Should I Get Married?

Why Should I Get Married?

Getting married is one serious step from being boyfriend-girlfriend. People getting married should ask themselves this question as this will help them asses if they are really ready for the responsibilities attached to married life. After all, this is one commitment that you must be doing to only one person.

People have different reasons for getting married. One reason for getting married is security. Marriage to them gives them the security that they seek. Financial security is one main reason for people to jump on the gun. They know that the other person will be able to provide them with the things that they need like food and shelter which are basic necessities of life.

Other people marry for love. This is one feeling that can be debatable. People say that they are in love that is why they are getting married. However, marrying with this basis must be something that must be discerned well. You cannot be too sure about this feeling because if it is not anchored on something substantial, it can be fleeting.

Family is another reason for people to get married. There are still arranged marriages that happen today especially in other countries where tradition and family is revered above all. That is why people have no choice but to marry a person to whom they have been betrothed since they were small. It can be because of money or family connections which can be the reason why parents arrange the marriage of their kids.

Whatever the reason for marriage is, it must be personal. It must be done by a person after proper discernment and self-actualization. Getting married is no joke because there are a lot of responsibilities that is attached this. You will not only be thinking of yourself but also of your husband or wife. Their welfare should be your priority now above all else.


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