Why should Kids have cell phones in school?

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Why should Kids have cell phones in school?

Cell phone is now considered as a necessity by everyone because of its important functions. It becomes easier to communicate with our distant friends and relatives. We can even browse in the internet using the cell phone. With the advancement of technology, cell phone is not only used as a tool for communication but for storage of important files such as notes, reminders, photos, and videos.

Kids should have cell phones in school to communicate with the parents. Whenever there are problems in school, kids can easily get in touch with their parents. Example, when they are not feeling well or there are emergencies, then they can contact their parents immediately. Cell phones are also helpful for parents because they can track their kids of their whereabouts. Sometimes, children stay in school late so this causes worry to the parents. With the cell phone, they can easily update themselves where their children are.

Cell phone is also convenient on the part of the student because they can use this to store important messages and reminders. Sometimes, cell phone is even used to research in the internet. Your kids don’t need to bring a laptop just to browse the internet. Cell phone has a lot of functions. It has calculator which can also assist the kids in their math assignments.

Some educators are against kids bringing cell phones to the class because these can destruct their studies. But if the kid is warned to use the cell phone appropriately there will never be a problem. They can also put the cell phones in silence mode or turn them off during class hours.

Kids should bring their cell phones in school for the parents to easily reach their kids. Parents also need to ask questions, clarify things, or simple say simple greetings with their kids. To do these, they really need this gadget called cell phone.

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