Why should kids have recess?

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Why should kids have recess?

Recess is common term familiar to most people, especially to children going to school. Recess is defined as a break from one’s work or duties for a specific amount of time. For schooling children, recess may mean a time for them to play. Many psychologists and sociologists have claimed that recess is an important element for children going to school and even to those working at offices or any other institutions.

Children have specific developmental milestones as they grow. For most kids entering school, anxiety is one factor that may hinder them from learning. For the rest of their years in going to school, they are bound to meet these milestones. However, one common essential factor for kids in school is the recess period. Many may think recess is not as important as any other subject, but this notion was proven to be incorrect. It is a must for school institutions that recess be always included in the schedule. Studies have shown that recess promotes the development of a child and facilitates in achieving an optimal intellectual, social and physical growth. Thus, recess should never be deprived to children. More so, recess allows children to rest their minds from thinking and allows the brain to have a break. Recess gives the brain a chance to restore the used up energy that is consumed during class hours. Aside from that, recess reduces stress and provides energy to the brain through physical exercise. And, children become socially aware that there is a need for them to communicate and interact with others.

Recess therefore, is not just a nonsense period of time. Recess is one vital subject that people must understand so that children can have breaks and, for them to appreciate the reason why kids need recess.

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