Why should librarians join professional organizations?

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Why should librarians join professional organizations?

Librarians are obviously found in libraries. They are information professionals that are exposed to libraries and information sciences. Librarians may be categorized as a public, school, correctional, special, independent or academic librarian. In the olden times, librarians were highly associated with the collection books, since its name was derived from the Latin word liber. Liber, in its English translation, means book. However, today, librarians have kept up with the evolving world. Modern librarians can engage to various tasks related to information science. Some may opt to deal with information in a variety of formats while others can opt to provide information services, trainings and programs. Librarians have varied functions and roles depending on the area they work in. Some work in public libraries, school libraries, research work, or even in archives department.

One common thing about librarians all over the world is that they all have the right to join professional organizations. In most countries, librarians are highly encouraged to join professional organizations in the hope that relationships will be established throughout the period of their library career. It is important that librarians join professional organizations because in their field of work, they need to be knowledgeable on circulation of information that occurs, regardless of what information that is. More so, professional organizations provide librarians the opportunity to share knowledge and insights as well as tackle technological advancements, financial benefits and career opportunities. In joining professional organizations such as American Library Association (ALA) and the Special libraries Association (SLA), librarians become open to broader options that will help heighten their careers.

Today especially that highly-developed technology has greatly influence the roles and functions of librarians, it becomes a must that librarians allow themselves to broaden their horizon and be updated by joining professional organizations

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