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Why should monuments be preserved?

Why should monuments be preserved?

The Great Pyramid in Egypt, Stonehenge in U.K., Great Wall in China, Taj Mahal in India and The Statue of Liberty in the U.S. are just few of the World’s most famous landmarks and monuments. These monuments are created with various purposes: 1. to give honor to a person or people in their death, 2. to create an impression and admiration, 3. to provide political and historical information, 4. to generate social and cultural awareness, and 5. to represent the past civilizations. These reasons are also the very significant grounds why monuments should be preserved.

First of all, there are monuments that are intended to give honor to a person or a group of people whose remains are in another place; these are called cenotaph” or an empty tomb”. Without cenotaphs people will never be able to commemorate the lives of people whose bodies were not found because of a tragedy or an accident, or to be able to pay tribute to personalities who died with a cause in another place or country.

Second, monuments that are created with complexity in architectural and interior design, as well as greatness in size, are important because without them current society will never get to appreciate the artistic and structural geniuses of the inhabitants in the past.

Third, monuments also have historical and political value which is far greater than any price. Monuments serve as reminder of the past political events or important historical figures which gives information and valuable lessons for the present population to use. Also, a monument aims to warn people about tragic happenings long ago so that history will not repeat itself.

Fourth, Monuments are also essential in generating income for the society where it is erected. It serves as a tourist destination spot where visitors from other countries or places historically, socially, and culturally aware of the people that lived, and are still living in that area.

Fifth and last, Monuments are the tangible representation of a civilization when it is made. It is found that monuments that are created during ancient times are the most durable and presently well-known. It often gives pride and pleasure to the society. And because of its popularity, monuments often act as a symbol representing a current nation-state.


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