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Why should muslim women wear hijab?

Why should muslim women wear hijab?

Anywhere in the world when people see a woman all wrapped up in clothing where only the hands, feet, and face are visible, people instantly conclude that the woman is from a Muslim descent. The clothing that Muslim women wear to cover up their head and body is called ‘hijab,. It is more than just a piece of cloth because often times it attracts attention, sometimes either a cold stare or criticism, and mostly curiosity among non-Muslim populace. Because of the different reactions that Muslim women get from non-Muslim people, it became an issue whether Muslim women should wear a hijab, and if ever wearing the Islamic dress is still appropriate in the present time.

The wearing of hijab as traditional clothing has its roots from the religious text of Islam called Koran (or Quran) which instructed that both Muslim men and women dress-up in a modest way. For supporters, the wearing of hijab has other essential purpose which is the focus of this article.

First of all, wearing a hijab for a Muslim woman is a way of liberating oneself from the norms of this world. It protects Muslim women from the ideals that the fashion industry dictates, as well as the media, on what to wear and not.

Also, wearing a hijab is a way of treating oneself as somebody who is precious and special, like a treasure that is kept hidden until it is uncovered. In this way, Muslim women gain more self-confidence and self-respect knowing who they are in the society.

Generally, hijab is worn by Muslim women in front of men who are not a direct relative in order to protect themselves from indecent thoughts and acts. This is advantageous because in this way men will get to like a Muslim woman not because of her looks or physical attributes, but because of other important qualities like attitude, personality, ideals, skills, or knowledge.  This concept can also be applicable in gaining ‘true, friends.

In actuality, wearing a hijab is a matter of personal conviction and opinion. To some it can be way of restraining oneself but to others it can mean freedom.


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  1. “This is advantageous because in this way men will get to like a Muslim woman not because of her looks or physical attributes, but because of other important qualities..”

    So a muslim woman gets married, without the man ever seeing her hair or body. Surprise! I have a goiter and have 6 toes on my left foot. Now the husband wants a divorce because he, like myself, is not attracted to extra toes and a goiter. Swell marriage. Thanks hijab.

    “First of all, wearing a hijab for a Muslim woman is a way of liberating oneself from the norms of this world. It protects Muslim women from the ideals that the fashion industry dictates, as well as the media, on what to wear and not.”

    This is the biggest heap of crap of an excuse for hijab. Where do you come up with this stuff? Everybody who has the slightest knowledge of islam knows that in islam, men are first, women are second. Maybe the hijab is a way for the man to keep his woman in check? Control maybe? Suppression maybe? In Saudi Arabia and Iran, I think donkeys have more rights than women.

    • peace, you talk about true love, I don’t think that a simple toe or anything else will break True LOVE. As I know love is something strong but incomprehensible. That’s what we say. You need to know someone from the heart first or it’s not love because it will be physical attraction or maybe if you are rich it’s CASH. It doesn’t mean that you wear hijab and you have two pounds of makeup on face that someone truly Loves you. You just have to be modest and to not attract if you a person to love you and not to treat like a toy.

      • - “First of all, wearing a hijab for a Muslim woman is a way of liberating oneself from the norms of this world. It protects Muslim women from the ideals that the fashion industry dictates, as well as the media, on what to wear and not.”

        REPLY: Liberated to what end? Women that wear the hijab are already being dictated on what to wear to begin with. I wouldn’t justify that to be liberation – nor do I agree that it liberates from media or fashion industry. It is really hilarious that the writer exaggerates that the fashion industry or the media is this terrible theme; in reality, the fashion industry and media has its negatives but it does have its merits which is another discussion.

        REPLY: The only liberation is for the individual, a woman in this case, to choose for herself on what she prefers to wear. If that would be with a hijab or not – if it is truly the individual’s choice, it is liberation in of itself. Now, the choices as to why she, the individual, chooses to wear one or not -can- be influenced by many things; from this dictates whether the individual had chose for herself. It is in my opinion that wearing the hijab is highly dictated by the religion and the community in that religion.

        - “Also, wearing a hijab is a way of treating oneself as somebody who is precious and special, like a treasure that is kept hidden until it is uncovered. In this way, Muslim women gain more self-confidence and self-respect knowing who they are in the society.”

        REPLY: I can see how concealing one’s appearance may give the wearer self-confidence but this ‘special’ self-confidence isn’t a unique trait. Someone who understand oneself, one who is comfortable with oneself, will have self-confidence regardless of what the individual wears.

        - “This is advantageous because in this way men will get to like a Muslim woman not because of her looks or physical attributes, but because of other important qualities like attitude, personality, ideals, skills, or knowledge. This concept can also be applicable in gaining ‘true, friends.”

        REPLY: The concept you are describing is a fairy-tale. ‘True friends’ are garnered regardless of hiding one’s appearance – and it is in that of a trial and error system, concept. Yes – there are those who are superficial who would only befriend you for your looks; but it isn’t the woman’s appearance that causes the superficiality but the person who is attempting the superficial relationship. Hiding one’s appearance will not shield nor reduce the chances of a person attempting a superficial relationship.

        • REPLY: The only liberation is for the individual, a woman in this case, to choose for herself on what she prefers to wear. If that would be with a hijab or not – if it is truly the individual’s choice, it is liberation in of itself. Now, the choices as to why she, the individual, chooses to wear one or not -can- be influenced by many things; from this dictates whether the individual had chose for herself. It is in my opinion that wearing the hijab is highly dictated by the religion and the community in that religion.

          To an extent, but you cannot truly force something upon someone for their own good. Most of the muslim women I have spoken to truly wear the hijab out of choice, not dictation.

          The concept you are describing is a fairy-tale. ‘True friends’ are garnered regardless of hiding one’s appearance – and it is in that of a trial and error system, concept. Yes – there are those who are superficial who would only befriend you for your looks; but it isn’t the woman’s appearance that causes the superficiality but the person who is attempting the superficial relationship. Hiding one’s appearance will not shield nor reduce the chances of a person attempting a superficial relationship.

          That’s where I disagree, superficiality can arise from both mediums. Usually an attractive women gets more shallow interest from other men, then a ” less attractive” one… I think hiding the appearance will greatly reduce the chance of having to go through fake people who only associate with you because of looks… only the more daring, true ones really try to understand someone who is different, and they are genuine most of the time…

          • What you say may be true in your perspective, but think of the other people’s perspectives. Don’t start critisizing another religion researching the main aspects. From your comment, I can sense that you’re a non-Muslim and have completely different ideals.

            If you do not agree with me, think historically. How old is Islam exactly? You chould be taking this into consideration before critisizing.

        • listen ok what shenis saying is true .wearing a hijab is an act of modesty and yes men will take u for your personality and TRUE beauty

          • opps lol sorry i mean that EVERYTHING u are saying is true may allah havea place in janah for u <3

        • Without knowing Islam u shouldnt poke your nose in between
          May be u don’t know the freedom and special confidence I feel in wearing hijab
          Better be quite and keep aside your paltry thoughts !!!

    • LMAO the last sentence made me crack up!

    • @musliminfidel……Wow shame on YUH! for talking crap on other peoples religion! you don’t even care, some people might get offended! but now you might get offended! well, you should know your husband doesn’t even love you for your personality! he only likes you because of your appearance! sounds like He doesn’t even like you! he just needed an excuse to get rid of you and your toes were real good excuse to get rid of you! maybe your not the special one for him! blame yourself for having extra toes and not the hijab!

      • @ Muslim

        First off, bring it down a notch with the exclamation marks. It diminishes your intelligence level just a bit.

        The concept of {love somebody for their personality} is just something supported by the less attractive members of our society. Let’s face it, we are all not 10′s. I certainly am not. At the same time, I’m not a 2 either. That being said, I won’t date a 2. Get it? Biology dictates that you must be attracted to a person in order for that relationship to work. I am sorry but no amount of ‘personality’ will make me attracted to a 2. It doesn’t work that way. So you can dream day and night about a knight on a white horse sweeping you off your feet. If you’re ugly you’re ugly. If you’re hot you’re hot. Done deal. I didn’t make the rules.

        By the way, the only thing that offends me about your post is your poor punctuation.

        • Sooomeone’s superficial… Anyway, that maybe the case for you, but plenty of times I’ve became infatuated with people that… weren’t that attractive. But their personalities made me attracted to them. (Mind you I’m quite pretty.)

          • TyTy do you date less attractive people because you have confidence problems? Meaning, if you date someone less attractive than you, you won’t have to worry about getting burned. Because if a 4 (your boyfriend) can manage to catch an 8 (you), do you think he will ever leave you? Chances are slim. He’s gonna do everything he can to hold on to you. They call that dating or marrying ‘up’. Just a thought. I may be be wrong.

        • You would marry someone who’s been f… by manyyyyyyyyyyy I mean 20, 30 different partners. Therefore, you are marrying a prostitute. Good luck with that………..

          • Muslim: So all non-muslims have been f’d by 20 or 30 guys? I would guess that you feel superior to these “prostitutes” on a day to day basis. I guess everyone lives in their own world.

          • Sounds like someone has sexual anxiety.

    • Look! If ur gonna complain about muslims cuz u read about something on a website then shut up! Just becuz a website said this stuff doesn’t mean it’s true if u really wanna know the truth read the quran take Allah’s (god’s) word for it

      And I’d like to make a shout out to some of those non-Muslims
      In the quran it says that the prophet Muhammad had a dream where he saw 9 planets an a sun now look scientists had discovered this many year after he had the dream
      Hopes this convinces u guys to convert to a Muslim

      • You should look the history before writing anything. 9 Planets, earth and everything are discovered long time before prophet. It’s problem with you that you think everything, even the world started after prophet only.

      • One lost its planet status. And moe-hamed must have some fantastic binocular god vision to see Pluto with the naked eye. Did the holy Islam book mention his telescopic vision?

    • You muslim woman hide behind your hijabs and burkas…why? Do you guys have beards under there….mustaches, grenades, guns, oozy’s, pipe bombs…etc., etc.. You wear them for “purity” or religious purposes? It’s soo stupid! If you women are in your third world country then do as you please, but when you arrive in the Western World have some respect for all the “NORMAL” people. You people are known for terrorism, and you guys with your all almighty allah did a good number on America’s “Twin Towers”/”World Trade Center”. You people are NOT trusted and never will if you stick to your stupid ways. I hate to burst all of your bubbles, but there’s NO ALLAH! We are made of “Star Dust”. When we die…that’s it, tits up, game over, it’s time to push daisy’s. Life started with the Big Bang and eventually the Universe will close in on itself, then there will be NO life at all – nothing – no Planets – no Galaxies – no Universe. There is scientific proof. What about the dinosaurs? They did exist. Did your allah create them? Oh, I’m sorry…he is one of them. Get with it…think like civilized people do. Don’t hide behind your hijabs (hi jabs, that says it all) and your burkas…people will NOT trust you. For all we know it could be a man wearing a burka waiting to kill innocent people with a bomb that he’s hiding! ??? You NEVER know! And, you know I’m speaking the truth. All I can say is have a cute and cuddly dog give you a BIG sloppy wet kiss….which is soo beautiful, but you are too stupid and narrow minded to actually understand that, and experience the beauty and joy of “TRUE” unconditional love. Shame on all of you! Then go take your 7 baths and wash your clothes 7 times so allah won’t disown you.. It’s as if you people don’t know how to “reason” or understand what reality really is. You guys are too fucking stupid!!! I’m not going to waste anymore time with you idiots! Start to think people…really think, and question what really is the truth, because you have it all wrong. And don’t ask allah for help, he’s not real.

      • man, u r so stupid & foolish to insult a religion. think of ur life & death, u r a friend of hellfire & satan. u ve ur religion & we v our religion, only Allah can judge d innocent.devil like u Ash.
        u dont know how to talk, go back 2 school & learn. ALLAHU WAHID

        • devil is ur friend. dis life is not a bed of roses, u will die & buried in d ground, SAND.May b u v sold ursef 2 d devil. learn how to talk brother Ash
          (Ashes) respect odas religion

      • I am so sorry to hear that you are made of star dust. It must be really dull to be made of that stuff. Please, feel free to act human anytime you like.

        Now regarding the matter of Allah. Muslims believe in the Big Bang, because it’s in the Holy Qur’an. So you didnt really give any new information. That’s exactly what it says in the Qur’an. We all die, no humans, animals, plants, stars, planets, angels, demons will be alive. Even Death will die. Now about that Big Bang stuff again. I am a scientist so let’s talk science! Big Bang is the great explosion that started all cosmic things. It was the begining of the first atom, bringing a proton, a neutron, and an electron together, pulling them by gravity, and keeping them together. That gave us Hydrogen. Then Hydrogen and Hydrogen came together and gave us Helium., and so on. Now for an explosion of this size to take place there must be a catalyst. A starting factor. That catalyst must then be a paraphysical force -giving that no physical matter existed-. Guess what! Its God!!! Muslims call God Allah, because its the arabic word for God!!! Its not so weird!! See!!! Its all science!!! I lived among arabs and muslims my entire life, and read the Holy Qur’an, I found that the holy book explains stuff ranging from Black Holes to stainless steel to human develpment to childcare! No one in muslim countries has ever seen a bomb -unless the country is in war-.
        So you really really need to do some research before you open your mouth, kid! So close minded! Oh and by the way, as a woman, I would rather have God tell me what to wear, than celebrities and models. I am going to marry a muslim man and guess what, he doesnt drink, smoke, look at other women, hit, curse, or boss anyone around! Sweetest men on this Earth!
        So, kid, if you dont like anyone, keep it to yourself!

      • How shameful and vulgar of u to say that
        May Allah forgive u and protect u from the awaiting hell fire
        Lahol wala kuwat
        Learn to respect others religion
        Don’t show your manners publicly
        Believe me u sound ridiculous and worst

    • Women in pre-Islamic civilizations

      Throughout the human history prior to Islam, women have been victimized and made to suffer too much. They endured unbearable deprivation, sorrow and oppression in all past civilizations. In other words, they were treated as if they were not human beings.

      The Greeks said regarding a woman: She is like a poisonous tree and she is evil emanated from Satan. She may be sold like any merchandise.

      For the Romans: She does not have a soul. They would torture women by pouring boiling oil on them or dragging them by horses.

      For the Chinese: She is cursed water that washes away good fortune. A Chinese man would have the right to bury his wife alive. If a man were to die, his wife would be passed on as inheritance.

      For the Indians: A woman is worse than death, hell, and fire. A woman didn’t have the right to live after her death. Therefore, she had to be burned along with his corpse.

      For the Persians: It is permissible to marry any of the female relatives without exception (incest). A Persian husband could command his wife to die.

      The Jews said: A woman is a curse because she is the cause of sin and temptation. She is impure during her menses. It is permissible for her father to sell her.

      The Christians: The French held a discussion in 568 A.D. Some of the issues discussed were: Is a woman a human or not? Does she have soul or not? If she has a soul, is it a human soul or an animal soul? And if it is a human soul then is it equal to a man’s soul lower than it? Finally, after long deliberation, they came to the conclusion that she is human, but she was created only to serve man.

      During the rule of King Henry VIII of England, the Parliament decided that it is unlawful for women to read the New Testament (Bible) because she is impure.

      As for the Arabs before Islam: They hated women more than death. They used to burry female infants alive or threw them into an abandoned well.

      Islam: The True Liberator of women

      After this long history of injustice, Allaah, the Most Exalted showered His Mercy on humanity by a Religion (Islam) the teaching of which came to change the ugly human history and to create a life which humanity had never witnessed before in all its civilizations.

      Women in the Quran:

      The Noble Quran, Muslims’ Infallible Book revealed by Almighty Allaah, is replete with verses speaking about women, which indicates the honorable status Islam holds for them. There is a full Soorah (Chapter) named: “Women”. This Chapter is among the longest ones in the Quran. Hereunder are some of such verses (which mean):

      {…And due to the wives is similar to what is expected of them, according to what is reasonable.} [Quran 2:228]
      {…And live with them in kindness.} [Quran 4:19]
      {…do not prevent them… (from remarrying their [former] husbands if they agree among themselves on an acceptable basis).}[Quran 4:19]
      {…But give them [a gift of] compensation – the wealthy according to his capability and the poor according to his capability.}[Quran 2:236]
      {Lodge them [in a section] of where you dwell out of your means and do not harm them in order to oppress them.}[Quran 65:6]
      {…give them their due compensation as an obligation.}[Quran 4:24]
      {… and for women is a share of what the parents and close relatives leave.}[Quran 4:7]
      {…for women is a share of what they have earned.}[Quran 4:32]
      {…and give them from the wealth of Allaah which He has given you.} [Quran 24:33]
      {… and you (husbands) are their (wives) garments.}[Quran 2:187]
      {…seek not against them means (of annoyance).}[Quran 4:34]
      {…it is not lawful for you to inherit women by compulsion…} [Quran 4:19]
      {And do not make difficulties for them in order to take [back] part of what you gave them…} [Quran 4:19]
      {…either you retain her on reasonable terms or release her with kindness.}[Quran 2:229]

      Women in the Sunnah (Prophetic Tradition)

      The Prophet of Islam, Muhammad sallallaahu `alayhi wa sallam ( may Allaah exalt his mention ) was sent by Allaah Almighty, among many other things, to elevate the status of women and maintain their honor.

      He sallallaahu `alayhi wa sallam ( may Allaah exalt his mention ) was once asked: “Who is the most beloved person to you, O Messenger of Allaah?” He sallallaahu `alayhi wa sallam ( may Allaah exalt his mention ) replied: “Aa’ishah”.

      Whenever he sallallaahu `alayhi wa sallam ( may Allaah exalt his mention ) was given a gift or something he sallallaahu `alayhi wa sallam ( may Allaah exalt his mention ) would say: “Take this to so and so because she was a friend of Khadeejah’s (his wife may Allaah be pleased with her)” [as a token of his sallallaahu `alayhi wa sallam ( may Allaah exalt his mention ) loyalty to her may Allaah be pleased with her after death].

      He sallallaahu `alayhi wa sallam ( may Allaah exalt his mention ) said:

      “Treat women good.”[Al-Bukhaari and Muslim]
      “The best amongst you is the one who treats his family the best, and I treat my family the best”.[At-Tirmithi and others]
      “You (men) are responsible for providing for them (women) in the best way”. [Muslim]
      “The most rewarding wealth is the wealth you spend on your family”.[Ahmad]
      “From the good fortune of the man is a righteous wife”.[At-Tayaalisi]
      “Whatever you spend (on your family) is counted as a charity, even the morsel of food that you feed your wife”.[Maalik]

      A woman came to the Prophet sallallaahu `alayhi wa sallam ( may Allaah exalt his mention ) and said: “O Prophet of Allaah, pray for me and my husband.” The Prophet sallallaahu `alayhi wa sallam ( may Allaah exalt his mention ) said: “May Allaah shower His blessings upon you and your husband”.[Ahmad]

      ‘Aai’shah may Allaah be pleased with her narrated: “The Prophet sallallaahu `alayhi wa sallam ( may Allaah exalt his mention ) and I would bathe together from the same basin”. [Ahmad, Ibn Maajah and others]

    • hi
      im muslim and i should say we are free and hijab Does not bother us. i dont know about sudian arabic but the iranian are so independ and hijab cause we keep ourself from evry abuse.plz be carful about yor talk.

    • you’re so wrong. Islam respect women the most .It’s the only religion that gives women their rights. Hijab is freedom for muslim women and our men are not controlling us, instead they protect us and got our backs. May Allah guide you to the strait path. Please do your search and know more about Islam.

  2. a negative response coming from a user who calls himself “muslim Infidel” who by definition will have negative views mostly. not only that youre biased you have no evidences no refrences, this is just your view your opinion. and besides its not about who you are its what you do that matters. in a relationship personality is what true loving men from thier hearts desire and people like you who dont really care about personality but rather looks desire that from thier penises. if you a have mother or sister or friend daughter whatever, you wouldn’t want to say people won’t desire you cause you have 6 toes – hurt their feeling like that , you would say its more about personality than looks. ever heard of Just be your self . nevertheless a hijab may have its benefits but i personally would reject it not forcefully but rather i reject it in the grounds of attention.

    • @ jean damn

      So it is my biased opinion that physical attraction is the first thing that brings a couple together?

      Sure I care about personality. After I know I’m attracted to the person.

      Basically what you’re implying is you can just pick the most unattractive person off the street and marry him/her because he/she has a great personality. I doubt you would be down with that.

      Personality is crucial in a relationship. But you have to be attracted to that person in the beginning. No exceptions. That’s the way it works. A penis will not function without this condition being satisfied.

      • Maybe if you think from your head instead of your penis, you will find that there is logic behind wearing the hijab.

      • You have to be attracted to someone defiantly, but if you think someone is ugly that doesn’t mean you won’t change your mind once you get to know them. A lot of people can seem ugly to you at first but once you get to know them they can become better looking or even beautiful to you. So really your just a close minded person and you need to go get a clue :) Also don’t go judging and bashing people and their religion like you’re all knowing when you probably don’t know much about it or you just don’t understand it properly because that makes you seem like an unintelligent goof. :) Anyways I personally don’t have a problem with the Hijab if you want to wear it that’s cool but personally it’s not really for “me” mind you I do wear it on occasion when I want to.

        • So, “Tiffany”, you wear it on occasion. How does that work? Do you only wear it when you visit your husband’s or friend’s mosque? At a Muslim gathering? Wearing a hijab is a commitment, not a fashion statement.

          “Also don’t go judging and bashing people and their religion like you’re all knowing when you probably don’t know much about it or you just don’t understand it properly because that makes you seem like an unintelligent goof.”

          The fact that you wear your hijab part-time indicates to me that ‘you’ don’t know much about the religion. If you did, you would know that you can’t take it off whenever you feel like it.

          • I don’t get it, Muslim’s Infidel, do you like the hijab or not? I hate the way women are so looked down on in the Muslim society and that it’s seen as okay, but why do they continue to wear their hijabs if they want more rights?? Or are the men so oppressing??
            It just gets me mad!!

          • According to quite a few Islamic scholars, the hijab is optional, the Quran calls for modesty, nothing more.

            As for the marriage part, Infidel, you do have a point. Muslim marriages have little to do with true love… It’s their parents that do all the meeting, dating is forbidden. Despite this, both partners still have the right to refuse marriage, just as the parents have the right to refuse it (there have been honor killings for this reason… daughter married someone not permitted by parents, she lost her virginity before marriage, etc.) There is little physical or emotional connection at all… it’s more like a business.

            Now, off the muslim topic and onto the relationship side. It’s not true that looks are so important in relationships. Most of my relationships have not been with what would be classed as 8+, I was with them for their personality… and it’s about 50/50 on who left who. I know that you’re probably thinking “he must be ugly then”, well… that’s not up for me to judge, but I can say that I’m sick of people wanting me for my looks. Thinking that people only matter if they look good is really quite shallow! I don’t mean to offend, I just wanted to state facts, so please don’t take that the wrong way.

          • if u take two candy with wrappers and open one of them and throw both of them on the ground u will see various bugs on that opened candy but u will not find one single one on the candy with wrapper on the same is the example of the women with a hijab or without a hijab. a covered women is safe from the undecent acts of the men of this society

  3. i think hijab is the coolest think to wear in all the states because for example you want to come in united state and you had a baby girl. and than when she gets bigger and she sees her friends not wearing hijab. her friends making their hair pretty and when your girl sees all girls not wearing hijab, shes not gonna wear it until she died. when your girl gets bigger do not scare her or yell at her for wearing hijab because if you do that than she gonna do the opposite. she will kill her self because my friend’s parents killed her just because she did not want to wear it.

  4. Personally I think some women look prettier with Hijab on than without. Im a women myself, catholic. Quite often i can see other young women wearing hijab at uni andI have to admit the way some of those women wear them its amazing and very artistic !!!. I don’t have problem with women wearing hijab as longest she is doing this for herself and she is not forced to do so. If we want to ask why they wear them really I don’t know I think at the moment is more kind of tradition then religious point of view but this is my own answer. The reason why I think this is as I had mentioned earlier this women can look with hijab much prettier than without as there are many ways of wearing it. so if the purpose for wearing it (as some has told me) is to show that women has respect to her husband etc doesn’t really make sense. Women with beautiful make up, eyelashes and nice hijab up do quite often looks prettier than without.

    • Yeah, you’re right there, it’s definitely for tradition, rather than religion… as most scholars say that makeup is forbidden in Islam (it’s to do with modesty). I speak with a muslim girl regularly about this, and while she claims that it’s for religion, not culture, it’s a really blurry line between the two, especially in Islamic countries, where the religion IS the law.

  5. I’ve read the post and the responses. Muslim’s Infidel seems to go a bit far with the wearing of the hijab. I have a friend whose family is Afghan. She is born and raised in the United States and doesn’t wear the hijab, except for when she is overseas visiting her family and she doesn’t wear it the entire time that she is there either. Maybe you should actually talk to someone who is a Muslim before you start attacking people.

    • Maybe she’s just butthurt?

      I thought wearing the hijab is optional.
      At least, in my country it sure is. And about 70-80% people in my country is muslim(including me)

      My religion teacher even said wearing the hijab is optional. But he said it would be better if we wear it.

      But meh, I’m just a kid, what do I know.

  6. I am a Muslim revert and I just put the hijab on about a year ago, and today I struggling with the fact that I attract more attention with it on than I do with it off. I am married, and I have 3 children. I am 28 years old and I was born and raised in CA. I have researching the origins of the hijab, and whether or not it’s required by Allah. There are some Muslims who would tell you that it absolutely required, and a woman who doesn’t wear it is not a “real” Muslim. Then there some who would tell you that it the woman’s choice whether or not she wears the hijab. I went out for the first time today without the hijab, and I felt so awkward. I felt like I was doing something wrong. I can’t explain it! However, I know for a fact the Queen of Jordan, Queen Rana, does not wears the hijab, she is an advocate for a woman’s right to choose. That is the stand I take. I don’t that woman who chooses the not wear it is any less a Muslim that one who does. I only hope that the women who choose not wear it have some idea of how they will remain modest in their dress.

  7. Okay, first of all i am a muslim myself and i am a man.
    my point of view as a man:” when i do want to settle down and get married, i ask my mother to go find me either (good looking, or respectable, or modest, depends on the man priority really, i go with religious, and intelligent, and gotta be at least acceptable) but that’s just my own view!
    now here its get a little bit complicated,
    before marriage we have two things , khotoba and melka (in arabic)
    first khotoba (engagement):
    as a muslim we ask around, like my mom goes asking “my son wants to marry?” and then we find a family we go visit them “okay i am a 21 years old .. i work at..” we get to know them, then they bring the girl that we came from i see her without hijab! and full make up! and she sit with us and we talk, if i do like her outer appearance and i am interested in knowing her more (personality), we contact her family later and tell her that, if the girl is also interested in me she would agree .. then we date! yes we date! sometimes it’s a short time relation ship.. sometimes it’s a long time relation ship, my cousin was engaged for over a year before he married her 2 weeks ago..
    after all that and if we still love each other and want to marry and we are not hesitated in our decision we have the melka! and we get married officially.. and it will be known that i am her man and she is my women.. after that we decide on a marriage date .. where i take her from her parents home to my home!

    okay : a few pointers to all non-muslims!
    hijab is necessary for a women to wear!
    it’s not a tradition , its a religion thing!
    some ignorant people believe it’s about tradition! no it’s not! let’s face the facts, traditions never live long .. and die much faster!
    islam lived for over 1.4 k years!
    my own personal view for women who wears hijab they look more respected and independent ! they look precious!
    when i see a muslim girl not wearing hijab i feel offended because she is a muslim! islam cares for our sisters!

    i am no priest but i do know a lot , i just don’t know how to put it in words!

    when islam was first born! women were enslaved , islam freed them, there where whore houses and hooker houses, islam forbid it! for the girls sake!
    so don’t you all be telling stuff like “men are first, women are second”
    or “islam puts much oppression on a women!”
    please don’t be ignorant! don’t just sit and believe ! read! not one book MANY! read , analyze , conclude! and don’t be just a brain washed person! with no ideas of his own!

    i conclude to say, if any of you wish to know more about islam, i would love to share my knowledge with you!

    this is my email zezo_007_ksa@hotmail.com

    • Seeker of truth, how many e-mails have you gotten asking for your guidance in converting to Islam?

    • Well said Open minded! It’s sad that the world blames all muslims for the actions of the extremists (who, if anyone actually read the Qu’ran, would very quickly work out that they are going against Allah’s will). I find it funny that Christians and Jews always go on and on about Islam being soooooooo bad, when really, they’re the same religion, it has just changed over the years (i’m not taking the time to count how many versions of the bible there are). The Qu’ran has not been altered since its creation. All the fighting and atrocities are/have been committed in the name of the SAME god! I spent a lot of time as an agnostic before finally converting to Islam, so I’ve taken my time looking at them all from the outside. From an agnostics point of view, most of these religions are just a form of social conditioning, yet the message was lost for a great many years… do unto others, don’t steal, don’t kill… basicially, try to be at peace with each other. I know some people will say “blah blah, islam says kill infidels” etc. Yes, that’s true…. if they are trying to remove you from your homes, if you are under attack, etc. Many people use the same quotes when they go at islam… “Slay them wherever you find them…Idolatry is worse than carnage…Fight against them until idolatry is no more and God’s religion reigns supreme.” (That’s during war people, not during peace!), “Fighting is obligatory for you, much as you dislike it.” (Yeah, this one is what makes me think muslims are quite dangerous too… It’s another quote for during war. The meaning for it is that it is a sin to turn your back on your comrades-in-arms… So it doesn’t matter if they’re getting slaughtered, if others are still fighting, they won’t stop either! Really, an army that won’t back down, has no deserters, and believes that no matter the odds, their god will make them triumphant… that’s dangerous!)

      Ok, I could go on for ages, listing all the quotes misrepresented, but i have to leave room for the backlash :P One thing I do seem to like about these sites is that religion can be discussed so openly with people from other religions, and I hope that we can try to cut down on all the hate between them. As you said in your post, to summarise… All religions have their extremists, so don’t blame the whole religion for the actions of these idiots. Islam is a religion of peace, but that doesn’t mean that muslims will just lay down and let people walk all over them.

  8. I wear hijab because Allah says:

    “And tell the believing women to lower their gaze (from looking at forbidden things), and protect their private parts (from illegal sexual acts) and not to show off their adornment except only that which is apparent, and to draw their veils all over Juyoobihinna (i.e. their bodies, necks and bosoms) and not to reveal their adornment except to their husbands, or their fathers, or their husband’s fathers, or their sons, or their husband’s sons, or their brothers or their brother’s sons, or their sister’s sons, or their (Muslim) women (i.e. their sisters in Islam), or the (female) slaves whom their right hands possess, or old male servants who lack vigour, or small children who have no sense of feminine sex. And let them not stamp their feet so as to reveal what they hide of their adornment. And all of you beg Allaah to forgive you all, O believers, that you may be successful”

  9. I grew up in non Muslim country and I found that its not because of islam, it’s because of religion free environment, women are more free here. It’s not only those who put hijab, even women who don’t put hijab are more free and since they are not bound to put it as obligatory, they are happy to put that. But, what is said about this that it protect women may not always true. If you are in Arab and if you have not put hijab then it may take attention of other men. But if you are in us, uk and any religion free country and you are putting hijab, thinking you are protecting yourself from so called ‘sick man view’ then it is not true. Because then people eyes will always on you. Also it’s not like you dont have to think about fashion is also not true.. There are websites for hijab colors and fabrics and even style . I was in malesia. In KL tower I show many women in niqab(not even hijab). In a food court they were having sandwiches, so they took the face covered portion of niqab.. I was shocked to see makeup they put under niqab. Fashion is personal interest. A women without hijab or niqab can be less fashionable then one in hijab.

  10. Bottom line – wear all you want, but don’t feed us cr*p about your superiority. Don’t tell me it’s for my protection, I can protect myself alright without it. Don’t tell me I have to do it, because I won’t! Don’t tell me I am less of a women for not wearing it, because you won’t like the comeback to that. Finally:
    “Also, wearing a hijab is a way of treating oneself as somebody who is precious and special, like a treasure that is kept hidden until it is uncovered. In this way, Muslim women gain more self-confidence and self-respect knowing who they are in the society.” – lucky them! My confidence comes from my motherhood, my career success, my education….again, don’t feed me cr*p just to justify yourself.
    And, I fully agree with physical attraction part from Muslim Infidel. I wouldn’t dare spend my life sleeping with someone who I’m not attracted to. In my opinion, everyone who does is missing out big time.

  11. It’s funny when people go on these web sites and try to nit-pick another group’s religion. Fact is, if you look at just about every religion on earth, you can find something to complain about.
    Let’s try a few here for fun.
    Apparently God wrote a few laws known as the Ten Commandments setting down rules for people to follow, but then the Catholics cam e along and said well they are more guide lines than rules. For starters, it’s a big no no for a man to have relations with another man, but I guess its O.K. it the guy is under twelve. And if it turns out that the local populace has a problem with this little rule, well they just take and send the offending priest to another parish. And that is done without letting the new group know about his past. Lets not even go into the fact that the catholic Vatican has excavated that tomb where they found the skeletal remains of women and babies that were entombed to keep the fact that the church was playing the field while telling people that they have a ‘vow’ of abstinence.
    I would bring up the Christian movements but there are so many its hard to decide which one to start with. Let’s go with the go with one of my favorite groups, the Televangicals. (At least that’s what I heard one of them called by my mother)
    Remember all the scandals they went through. (Can you say Tammy Fae?)
    The really funny thing is, And don’t get me wrong, I consider myself an Agnostic (Know there is a god, just won’t follow any one group) Besides the extremists, I haven’t really herd of anything like this happening in the Muslim communities. Around the world you here of child brides true, but that really isn’t a scandal when you think about it. For their country it’s considered acceptable. Though sex with little boys is still out. It’s understandable. Disturbing. But understandable.
    You really can’t say too much about the extremists either. Fact is the Catholic Church has done far worse in the name of god. The Muslims haven’t cornered the market there.
    For those of you shaking your heads and yelling ***k you! That’s not true.
    It is.
    Instead of propping your desk up with one, try reading a book. Look up the Crusades and the tortures the catholic church inflicted upon people. I found it a bit Eye opening considering the condemnation they constantly put upon the Muslim world.
    Here’s a fun fact for you die hard Christians who say all Muslim’s are alike. (You Know Who You Are)
    If all Muslims are alike, than I guess that all Christians are alike. Right?
    Congratulations, I guess that makes you all members of the Ku Klux Klan. Ever take a good look at the item they burn at their rallies? It ‘isn’t a lower case ‘t’ I’ll tell you that.
    There is an old saying I always liked I will paraphrase here:
    Whenever you point the finger of accusation at someone, there are always three fingers pointing back at you.
    Don’t go knocking another people’s religious ways until you take a good look at your own. You might not like what you find out.
    ‘Life Is A Cruel Teacher. It Gives The Test First, And The Lesson Later.’

  12. Dnt reads the stupid article there is something called the quran

  13. I have gone thru all ur reasons for wearing a hijab, if I admit each of them- then also ur purpose of wearing hijab dosen’t hold good.
    I am a doctor in govt sector in a muslim area, many muslim unmarried pregnant girls come to me in hijab. This indicates ur protection barrier is opening in places where it shud not……
    Do u know why this happening ? Bcoz wearing this is against nature, its biological activities. U have made rules which are going against what nature has decided to do. The girls who want to remain virgin remains so till marraige , those who do not want donot remain- hijab dosen’t make a differense it just make those girls more tilt to do whats forbidden.

  14. Here is a great book on Amazon that teaches different stylish ways to wear the hijab/headscarf:


  15. I’ve got totally bored to read such ‘nonesense’ comments!(few r good!)i wonder why guyz who dn know ‘an inch’ about Islam,the faith of the muslims,Quran just argue about Hijab and muslim women!! Who says Hijab is optional?it is compulsory.and who dn wear it willingly,dn like it if they r muslims they r doing great sins and Jahannam is ready to welcome there beauty and decorations(whatever u care or not)!!…i dn want to say anything in reply to non-muslims as their ‘nothing’ is to b counted. But I advice muslims to think little bit more about what you r doing and what for.

  16. Ishani, so you’re saying that women who not wear hijab, they will go to jahanam? Islam defines jahanam as burning in hell for eternity. Do women who choose not to wear hijab deserve such a fate?

  17. wearing hijab is a must, its not a tradition thingy . . . :) wearing hijab is not oppressive its a symbol of faith. I’m a Malaysian :) spread the love like butter on toast

  18. @muslim infidel
    well,anyone who does a sin,great or small,have to burn in the hell for a certain time according to his/her sins greatness (but if he do ‘towba’, means beg to Allah for forgiveness or if Allah forgives him)…..
    Covering womens body is a compulsory duty for them.But if they dn do that willingly then they will b punished for it… for a certain period they will b burned,then if they have the faith in Allah oneday Allah will forgive them and if they are non muslim they will b in the hell forever.
    This fate is not only for particularly women or for particularly not wearing hijab,anyone who do any sin and dn beg to Allah for forgiveness will have to face such fate.

  19. “For women: Cover your chest (24:31); Lengthen your garments (33:59) and for both sexes; The BEST garment is righteousness and modest conduct (7:26).”
    If you notice, both sexes are required to dress moderately. The Quran doesn’t say to wear hijab, cover face, or arms either at any points it says to cover your bosoms and chest. Pretty much any woman of any faith does this anyway, we don’t want men staring at us >____>
    Pressures of the fashion industry?! Telling a Muslim woman what to wear and what not aka hijab etc etc is the same thing! Humans are naturally artistic and it should not be suppressed. Would you not want ones home to be beautiful?
    There is nothing wrong with wearing hijab but everyone should have a choice.
    The funny thing is people forget christian women, princesses/queens etc used to wear headwear, just like hijab, yet Muslims are receiving weird looks etc for it. (of course this is a deliberate education problem so don’t blame the people)

    Read the Quran and make your own judgements anyhow but either way God never says to wear Hijab or cover hair or face.

    Always remember GOD created women not MEN.

    Here’s a good link of Islamic dress code with Quran quotes as proof of my words:

  20. Im sorry, but my system isnt used to digesting that much bologna in one sitting. The true reason for covering women up like ghosts is based on the principle that females are property to be owned by men. Like any property it is to be guarded from trespassers. The hijab is seen as a means to guard ‘property’ from onlookers who may seek to catch a glimpse or approach a female in a manner which may be seen as inappropriate. That could be anything from a handshake to a simple conversation to a flirtatious smile. The truth is that the problem is not with the women, but rather with the men who think women are property to be owned, used and abused at their discretion. The other problem is based around the insecurities husbands have, so they make their wives as invisible or as unattractive as humanly possible so they wont have to worry that someone else might by interested in their ‘property’. We will not be subordinate to male dominance anymore! We refuse to be your property! We would rather die a thousand deaths than be treated as cattle! Atleast we will be free and in the arms of a loving and accepting God, rather than in the arms of insecure little boys with a superiority complex based on nothing more than an inflated ego! We will not be your slaves anymore! I call to my sisters to rise up against this fabric of oppression and burn it! Take your daughters and keep them close and tell them of the ways we were oppressed and teach them to defend themselves from anyone, male or female who would seek to oppress their humanity and enslave them as we once were!!!

    • seriously …..
      when a man wants to marry a woman both the man and woman should say what body problems they have otherwise they have the right to get divorce keeping all their rights once they knew or accept wtever the problem is
      and islam gave women back their rights i’m a muslim and i know this ( i wish if islam was really applied )
      and u should make sure u get your info. from a trustworthy source because there are alot of ppl out there who want to ruin the image of islam

    • Lol, the poblem is, everyone just interprets hijab the way THEY think it should be interpreted and fail to look at Islamic history and theology.

      It was amusing reading some of the above posts with all the assumptions and ignorance. I mean have you SEEN with your own eyes what exactly goes on in Muslim households?! Calling Muslims oppressed and what not!

      If you do a little history research you’ll find that Muslim women at the time of the Prophet could work and keep what they earn. While women in Britain were owned by their husbands and as soon as they got married, everything they earned automatically became his! Now tell me who is oppressed?!

  21. Islam: what a backward creepy people.
    The question, “Why should muslims wear facescarves” should be removed as a HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATION.

  22. wow I was researching about a hijab if its compulsory or not and after I read all of this im just confused
    I wanna start wearing a hijab but im not confident
    im from an middle eastern background and I hate how if u take a step forward the whole world talks about you so im scared I hate being the center of attention :)

  23. @muslim infidel

    i see no proof that justifies in what way hijab protects women, and as i’ve travelled around the world i noticed that it harms women regarding the looks rather than protect them… hijab was invented 1300 BC and muslims took their hijab from bizantines at the time of islam, in islam hijab is an obligation and its not an option but it is becoming a tradition really because the essence of it is totally lost, veiled woman with makeup and a tight jeans is a contradiction that proves that women arent really convinced by hijab but rather putting it because its not accepted socially not to, and for the woman who said that her husband doesn’t drink doesn’t look at women and loves her.. i would just like to remind her that he has the right to marry 3 at the same time…

  24. I wear a hair scarf and im white

  25. The instance I read the article I felt I was being brainwashed. I am Muslim, I also wear a Hijab. From childhood, I was told to wear it. I carried it like I carried my school bag everyday. Then in my mid teens, my mind emotionally got attached to it. I haven’t taken it off since then. However, during that period of time I was never told why I am wearing a Hijab. I have heard and read several reasons including this article and it still doesn’t justify women wearing Hijabs. Most of the times, I want to take it off but because of health reasons only. Till this day I am baffled as to what Qur’an implies and what people say.

    I am a femenist and I regard women who Hijab as a personal choice. whatever you do in your life is a personal matter. Muslim men who aren’t Muslim enough find it convenient to go to bars and drink alcohol because there is nothing to be ashamed of. Hijabed woman, if goes in to a bar and haves herself a pint, will get stares from everyone at the bar. This is nothing to do with Alcohol. Non-Muslim drink as much Alcohol as you want to but be safe and don’t drive if you had too many. There is no way women feel more confident. I am mostly shy and reserved.

    My point is that Hijab stops a lady to things which a man can easily tip toe and do.

    Another thing that really is a concern is that when you walk past a Muslim girl, you can only tell if she has a good attitude if she looks in your eyes, smile and greets you. That’s what represents Islam. Not your hijab.

    Women in this world are treated the same way every where, in all cultures and religions. It doesn’t really matter if she wears a hijab or not. The only person who will protect you is Yourself. Your way of life, the company you keep, the morals you and a good salary.

    Islam is protected by Allah and he is our Creator. he gave us a brain to think logically. Comparison is an awful thing to do. Compare market prices and shares not religion. Religion is a personal thing.

    If men were attracted to Hijabs and personality, I wouldn’t been have through domestic violence and divorced by the same man who followed me around for my ‘personality’. But that’s not my reason for being a femenist. I have been like that since my childhood.

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