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Why should nuclear weapons be abolished?

Why should nuclear weapons be abolished?

The first nuclear weapon bombing happened during World War II when the United States launched two nuclear bombs at Japan to make it surrender. First in the city of Hiroshima, second was in the city of Nagasaki. After that, things have drastically changed in terms of war, and different worldviews about the use and keeping hold of nuclear weapons became a center of debate.

Currently there are nine nuclear weapon states, or countries that stores nuclear weapons, which are headed by the U.S. and Russia, while others are North Korea, India, Israel, Pakistan, China, U.K., and France. For these nations, nuclear weapons are a deterrent and create a feeling of security for its populace. However after what happen to Japan 60 years ago it has made a clear statement that nuclear bombs are a very destructive weapon and should not be used to show one’s military power, or as a means to win a war.

Aside from its massive and destructive effects, nuclear weapons should be abolished because creating and storing those nuke bombs costs too much. It is pointless for a government to invest on these weapons when it puts into risks the lives of many innocent people, including their own.  Moreover, the nuclear weapon states should be more concern about terrorist’s attacks rather than invasion from other countries. Having nuclear bombs did not stop the 9/11 terrorist attack in the U.S., obviously the intention of intimidating threats” was a total failure at this point. In addition, with the advancement in technologies and computer know-how of people, the possibility of a leakage of information is high which can be used by militia groups or other people with ill-intentions to gain world power. And besides, it is hypocritical for nuclear weapon states to have their own nuke weapons and stop other countries in developing them. It will be best if all nuclear bombs are destroyed and do not exist at all in the first place.

In the end, having nuclear weapons does not just instill fear to other countries; it only creates mistrust, and It does not support the campaign for world peace. As long as there are nuclear weapons existing, people will never be secured from the possibility of the destruction of lives because of man’s greediness for power.


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