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Why should Old People drive?

Why should Old People drive?

Car accidents happen all the time. Usually, we hear reports of people killed in car crashes all because of reckless driving. But if each incident is investigated, the drivers of the cars that always meet accidents are teenagers and early twenties. This only means that old people are not the cause of road mishaps.

Age should not be an issue of discrimination. Old people should be given the privilege to drive as long as they are fit and able to see. Although perception and sharpness of the sense decline as age increases, this should not be the reason why old people should not drive. Given the old people the freedom to drive is also beneficial on their part.

Elderly drivers need to travel to relax. One way to do this is to let them drive a car. This would help them improve their mind and develop their sense of direction because in driving all the senses of the body are working. Another reason why old people should drive is for emergency purposes. There might be something really important such as going to the hospital, buying supplies, attending an important gathering, etc. that they need to do. If they are not allowed to drive, who would do it for them?

When drivers turn older, they become more cautious in driving. If we compare young drivers with older ones, we can really see the difference. Elderly drivers do not risk going on a heavy traffic while teenagers love the adventure of car racing even in highways. Elderly drivers are also more responsible because they are more experienced with regard to road situations. They always find ways to drive safely. They avoid going out the road when the weather is bad or the rip would take longer miles. In short, older people are wise drivers that’s why they must be allowed to drive.


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