Why should rainforest be protected?

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Why should rainforests be protected?
Rainforests are actually forests that receive lots of rain. There are only a small number of rainforest around the world which can be seen in countries like Brazil, Congo, Indonesia, Mexico, Peru, and Venezuela to name a few. However, a lot of these rainforests are in danger because of factors like logging, mining, agriculture, and urbanization. And even though rainforests are few, it serves an important role to the ecosystem worldwide which is why people need to be informed and do whatever it takes to protect and save what is left of it.

The rainforest is a home to diverse types of living organisms. It has been called the jewels of the Earth since many interesting variety of plants, animals, and microorganisms resides there. Like all other living things in the world, rainforest creatures also have the right to survive which is why the rainforest should be protected.

Rainforests are also known as the world’s largest pharmacy. Aside from providing clean water and food for its inhabitants, one fourth of all modern medicines are discovered using rainforest plants. Although the breakthrough was first made by indigenous people, pharmaceutical companies tested variety of plants from rainforests which are currently used worldwide to cure sickness like fever, fungal infections, burns, respiratory problems, and wounds to name a few.

Rainforests also helps in stabilizing the world’s climate through the absorption of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and replacing it with oxygen. When rainforests are destroyed, carbon dioxide will build up in the atmosphere creating a green house effect that can harm a lot of living organisms, including us humans.

Other reasons why rainforests should be protected are: it protects communities from floods, drought and soil erosion; it supplies the need of indigenous people living there, and it is also a fascinating place to visit where one can enjoy and appreciate the magnificence of nature.

In the end, everyone should think that everything (living or non-living thing) on Earth is created with a purpose. If people care enough for rainforests today, the future generation will still have a chance to experience its benefits.

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  1. Samantha Nguyen

    February 26, 2015 10:19 pm

    there are two areas that has strange marks above them. For example, instead of “Earth”on paragraph two it says something like “earthâC”. Also, on paragraph 3, instead of “pharmacy” it said “pharmacyâC”. ok, thats all. Overall, this article was amazing! It was useful by providing information for my essay that was due about this. Thank you SO MUCH! :)))


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