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Why was Alexander the great so great?

Alexander is popularly called as ‘Alexander the Great,. Alexander conquered many regions on a very big scale. He had no enemies though he conquered many territories and he died when he was young. In 336 AD, he conquered the Macedon Empire at the age of 20. He had Greece under his control and started to conquer Asia. Alexander invaded Persia in 334 AD and defeated the Persians and then occupied Egypt and later started annexing Iran, Afghanistan, and India. Alexander is known to have spread the culture of Greek and education in his kingdom. He believed in establishing the empire with fusion of several races in it. His policy of having all the races has given equal importance to Persians and Orientals and made them to be part of his administration and army.

In the period of about 12 years, his empire has spread from Greece till India. Alexander was worshipped as God by his people. According to the number of his successful invasions, his uniqueness compared to other contemporary historians and those who evaluate the success based on the number of body-bags used, Alexander is considered as Great.

Alexander was known to love Glory and action.     He had passion for fame. When his father King Philip of Macedonia conquered many territories, Alexander was not happy about that. He was not keen on knowing about the inheritance of the empire from his father but, was disappointed that very less was left for him to conquer. He was sad that he had few places left to conquer when he becomes the king. Alexander is known to fight a battle with his mighty troops. Alexander was so powerful that as soon as he became the king he could stop revolts in many places by selling the man power required for the slavery. He used to destruct the cities in order to stop or prevent the revolutions. Though his acts were Cruel, they turned out to be effective for him. He died at the age of 33 though he has occupied so many territories.


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