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Why was Bill Clinton impeached?

Why was Bill Clinton impeached?

Bill Clinton was the initial President of United States born after World War II. At 46, he became the US president in 1992. His president ship was in controversies from the beginning. Clinton gave a promise to the gay community as soon as he became president that he will remove the No Entry” of homosexuals in the US military. He did not stand on that promise and instead concentrated on a less important don’t ask-don’t tell” policy. There was a strong rebel among the conservative activists against his administration and his agenda. Many controversial events have occurred in Clinton’s personal life as well as in his administration which has given a way for his opposition people to talk bad about him. His opponents injured him in politics.

The first issue in which Clinton was involved was called as Travel gate” scandal. Seven of the experienced employees were shot at suddenly in the Whitehouse travel office in 1993. These employees were replaced later with Clinton’s closest people from Arkansas. In that same year after some time, the deputy Whitehouse counsel named as Vince Foster was shot dead outside the Washington. The doubts about the president’s behavior arose when the federal investigators were not allowed to enter into Foster’s office after 5 months while Clinton’s men could enter the office within few hours of Foster’s death. There is suspicion in the public that few of the significant documents related to whitewater development Corporation. This body was started by Clinton couple way back in 1978.

The link between Clintons and Madison Guaranty also raised much debate on the Clinton’s steadfastness. In 1994, another controversy started when Associate Attorney general Webster L. Hubbel resigned when he was investigated regarding his involvement in Madison case. Clinton’s friends were found to have arranged for his income as $700, 000 as he was scrutinized with regard to whitewater investigations. Later, the investigation was changed from Robert Fiske to Kenneth W. Starr. Starr has investigated on Clintons and revealed many facts against the president. He worked on the sexual harassment suit raised by Paula Jones and sexual relationship with Monica Lewinsky. All these cases prompted the government for the impeachment of Bill Clinton.


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