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Why was Fahrenheit 451 Banned?

Why was Fahrenheit 451 Banned?

To read is to learn. Books are our ways to learn new things and discover new stuff. It shows the writers perspectives and ideas. Some may be of facts or opinion, but either way, books are the writer’s way of expressing what is in their mind and to let others be informed. When reading, some lines may captivate our hearts with heart whelming lines by the author’s and some may also be criticized and react to the author’s idea. The ways of freedom of expression takes account to the responsibility of one’s actions. Everything that is too much is can be harmful. Freedom is limited to some ways that we may not hurt or offend others.

This book by Ray Bradbury’s is a science fiction story that talks mainly about burning books which explains the title as it is the temperature of burning papers. Some parts of its story present that the government is trying to suppress freedom that was interpreted as going against the government by convincing the readers to set up an alliance against them. A scene also mentioned about burning the Christian book (Bible) which was highly seen by the religious groups as a way of disgracing the Holy Scriptures and is also an act of motivating readers to be pagan and disobey God.

Fahrenheit 451 showed explicit words and contents not suitable for young readers. It is banned in many school and even the governments of other countries banned them. It is not useful as they think a book should be since it contains offending words. Parents also made complaints which furthermore led to prohibiting this book. Swear words corrupts minds of those who could read it and may be understood as normal way of living since its common to both people and even books. This is why they banned the book to stop corrupting readers mind.


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  1. I love this book. I hate to break it to these parents but society is changing so much and well just go cry about it you traditionalists! You don’t have the guts of a louse. Wake up you guys Bradbury is right and our world is going to be a boring place filled with billions of people with fruitless and meaningless lives. Bradbury hit it right on the head and our world is heading exactly towards where he predicted it to be. Just look at the Argentines! Argentina is banning books left and right.

  2. This book is a fantastic book. Bad language my rear!! I mean look at what the government of Argentina is doing. Why don’t you parents read the book and look in the nooks and crannies instead of banning the book because of “bad language” Don’t you parents realize that what you are introducing is a branch of NAZISM??!! Banning books is exactly what they did and its exactly what Soviet Russia did. Stop freaking out you parents! History is history and we all know that it does like to repeat itself and look at Argentina and you will find that history is indeed repeating itself. Argentina has so far banned upwards of 1.6 million books. Unfortunately, that number is expected to keep rising. Bradbury was right people don’t you get this at all?!! Wake up and look at what is going on in this world!

  3. Dude. Where’s my car?

  4. >Do you think the article can be improved? Share Your Expertise
    Banning Fahrenheit 451 because of “bad language” is like banning Brave New World because it insults native americans. This article is really sad.

    And we don’t have banned books in Argentina Jack, that’s bad publicity from the government’s opposition.

  5. How do you be so hypocritical as to ban a book which warns you of it? What an irony!


  7. this book is awesome and if u havent noticed most of the things that are happening today have been forseen in this book! and the language is perfect for this book because this is how many people today talk. so grow up and tell your kids to read this book is wonderful and shouldnt be banned

  8. I am a high school and am reading this book. I do not see what is so bad about it. so there is a few bad words, who said they were bad any how they are just the same as darn it, right? to be honest I do not think you have any real good reason to ban it. Ironically one of the many themes in this book is censorship. People should be allowed to read what they want when they want and another person should not finder them from doing so even if they are a kid. I think there might be something somewhere important that gives people rights. Besides, who do you think you are to tell me what to read. I will decide that for myself. So stop worrying about what I am reading and pick up a book yourself.

  9. It’s funny because the book isn’t “about” books being burned… that’s just a plot point. The book is about how society as a whole rejects ideas because of apathy, how we value entertainment more than we value knowledge. The government in F451 has banned books, not because it’s trying to indoctrinate its populace or suppress ideas, but because the populace who appointed it hates books for the things in them, such as language or “offensive material” which spurs them to think. Ironic and, sadly, very telling about our society, that a book warning about apathy and political correctness is banned for that very reason.

  10. yea it is a good book

  11. Bull fucking shit; they didn’t want the minds of young readers to catch on to the world that would be.

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