Why Was Firefly Cancelled?

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Why Was Firefly Cancelled?

Cancelled TV shows are very much forgotten today, but not Firefly. This hit series was created by Joss Whedon, the same one who made Buffy. From fantasy going to Science fiction, he concocted and fused his expertise to craft a show with unique dialogue, and style. There has been a bit of chicken-and-egg discussion on who was to blame on the fate of the show. Some say it was the audience’s disinterest because of the timeslot-shuffling and disorganized sequencing of episodes, some say it was because of the new FOX leaders who took over who decided to not highlight the show.

Firefly was off with a rough start. According to its viewers, the episodes were not aired in order. Its ratings were suffering and this worried FOX, its mother network. Because this is a new genre of tv shows, the network was not as confident that it will recover and regain its standing. The show was eventually terminated and the team decided to put in DVD its remaining unreleased episodes.

Coincidentally, this is not the only film by Joss Whedon that had been cancelled. The viewers believed that almost, if not all, of the characters in his films suffered from his incapacity to write good plots and was played by a not so good cast.

Though this was the case, Firefly did not fail to attract patrons. The show’s cancellation ignited an upheaval of the fanbase. They then persuaded the production team to make a movie out of the series. Directed by the same Joss Whedon, Serenity was not able to stand up to the fan’s expectations.

Its people redirected their fanaticism towards the show’s unreleased episodes. Records showed that the DVD sales went through the roof. Maybe, the fans loved the original Firefly nevertheless. The reviews also praised the show for being able to establish an atmosphere that most fiction tv series can only pull-off in a season-ender episode.

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