Why was Futurama cancelled?

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Why was Futurama cancelled?

Futurama is an American animated sitcom which has a science fiction genre. Created by Matt Groening and developed along with David X. Cohen, this show was made for Fox Broadcasting Company, which is the highest-rated, most popular television network in America. Aired on Fox for four years, the series has reached six seasons with 101 episodes running for 22 minutes per episode. Futurama’s airing channel was then transferred to Comedy Central after the company came in agreement with Fox. The series was then aired on Comedy Central beginning last January 2, 2008. Ever since Futurama was released for public viewing, it has hit the charts and even earned the title of Current Most Critically Acclaimed Animated Series from the Guinness World Record. Along with it, the show was able to grab other major, interesting awards form prominent award winning bodies.
Despite the great and wonderful success of the animated science fiction series, Futurama had to be cancelled for several reasons. One of the reasons why the show was cancelled was that the Fox channel had an erratic schedule of airing the show because of subsequent sports events that needs to be covered. Another reason was that the cast of the show had to work for another show, The Simpsons. It was agreed that between the two shows, it should be Futurama that can be cancelled because The Simpsons had more revenue and was well generated. Aside from that, the creator wanted to focus more on The Simpsons show productions.
Many have claimed that Futurama was not really cancelled. It was just pulled off for quite some time to fix any conflicts that had arisen between the two shows produced and casted by the same people. Today, there are still networks that continue to air the show.

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