Why Was Futurama Cancelled?

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Why Was Futurama Cancelled?

Futurama is created by Matt Groening of The Simpson. It is an animated American Science Sitcom which was developed by Groening and David x. Cohen. The series they have created was aired in the United States fro March 1999 to August 2003; it was aired on Fox Network.

It was also aired in Adult Swim, Reruns, and Cartoon Network from January 2003 to December 2007 until its contract expired. Hence it was revived in 207 as four straight DVD films, its last four series was released in early 2009. Till then Futurama was obviously gaining popularity.

But despite of this, it was cancelled because half of the people who are working for Futurama are also working for The Simpson. Groening and Fox had a meeting about this, and since The Simpson has a better generated and following revenue in the merchandise compared to Futurama, it was the decided to pull Futurama and try to air The Simpson to gain increase on the revenue. Another reason for this is to encourage other writers to contribute their stories to The Simpson.

This is because the Futurama series that was aired in the previous years in some networks have been declined by several fans and viewers. On the other hand, Groening says that he wanted to concentrate more on Futurama now than the Simpson as feature films for the show has recently released. Actually Futurama was not totally been cancelled, it was just a sort of fixing things over The Simpson and the Futurama.

Moreover, there are still fans who are patronizing Futurama than Simpsons. The series that was developed and was aired through Futurama excellently gain popularity and this can be one of the great reasons why this sitcom has to stay on several networks. After all, it continues gaining popularity and that it will further continue for the coming years through the people that are still patronizing it.

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