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Why Was Germany Divided?

Why Was Germany Divided?

As a result of the horrible effect to the whole world brought about by the Nazi regime and the German military, not to mention the genocide they did to the Jews and other colored nations under the leadership of the infamous Adolf Hitler. When the Allied forces composed of the USSR, US, Great Britain and France finally took over the entire Germany, they saw to it that each of them will eventually control each of the four areas of its capital city which is Berlin. The primary reason of dividing the said city of Berlin into four areas of controlled governance from the said four Allied nations is to prevent the Germans from reviving once again the military rule and form of governance.

Thanks to the conference held at Yalta on February of 1945 which eventually bore this effective fruit of having the city of Berlin divided into 4 areas of governance. Had it not been for this very efficient plan from the Allied forces we could never have this seeming peace and order around the world. Germany deserve this fate of having different foreign people governing the different areas of their well-loved capital city of Berlin. The destructions and deaths caused by their ancestors to the entire world most especially to the Jewish people will never be forgivable. Killing millions of Jews and other non-German nationalities is not a joke. But Adolf Hitler and his allied armies thought that they did the best possible way of eradicating the impure nationalities and that only the Germans should exist.

The German nation should be shameful of what their ancestors did horribly to a lot of nation. Merciless indeed were those heartless old German soldiers who killed a lot of innocent people. Thanks God they are all now dead and may they not rest in peace!


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