Why was Moss traded?

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Someone closer to Randy Moss has revealed to ESPN NFL senior analyst Chris Mortensen that Patriot coach Bill Belichick was talking about the trade with Moss on telephone. The conversation was overheard by the sources and they said that Moss will join Vikings in the October 2010. The source also said that Moss was very glad about getting back to his original team with Brett Favre as quarterback. The sources said that the conversation related to the contract was not done and probably it will happen later in the day.

Randy Moss is a seven time Pro-Bowl receiver and was at the last year of the four year contract with New England. He seems to be not happy with the team. Moss made some serious comments on his New England team and said that they behaved as if they do want him anymore. Moss also made unsatisfactory comments on his team after Patriot’s seasonal win on Bengals. Later, he was sorry for his comments on New England and expressed that he is very happy with his side.

Boston Herald reported that the intention of Moss to get out of New England team after their victory in week1 was revealed by a source. The sources further said that Moss asked Patriots to trade him to someone. The same day, Patriots defeated Dolphins in which Moss did not involve himself much. Tom Brady was quarterback of Patriots and he loved to play with Moss. After Moss gave a statement that he was not happy with the team, Brady supported him very much. Moss has a stunning record of distant catches.

Vikings needed someone to support their team, and who can out jump the cornerbacks for passes. They lost two of their first 3 games. Moss performed tremendously in 1998 to help them reach NFC title game. Vikings did allowed Moss into their team by trading away defense Jayme Mitchell. The foxsports.com has reported that Moss was traded to Minnesota Vikings and the patriots were ready enough to ship him out. As Moss stated that if he is not offered with in-season extension, he might leave the team (Patriots) by February, 2010. So probably Patriots have thought to trade him as anyway he is not going to continue anymore in their team for long period. As Viking’s position in critical they may not lose Moss until they reach Super Bowl status.

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