Why Was Queen Elizabeth Famous?

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Why Was Queen Elizabeth Famous?

Queen Elizabeth was so famous because of her very unique way of leadership. She made herself as the most respected leader of the entire history of England and eventually turned her country one of the best, richest, most adored country in the whole wide world.

As a queen she remained unmarried which made her concentrate and focus wisely in her form of government called monarchy. She made a languishing and divided nation into a truly prosperous and united one; the fact that she did so many great things such as the end of religious turmoil and deaths in view of one’s faith.

Queen Elizabeth was said to be such a very beautiful and gracious lady. Her manners were so fine and people cannot but bow their heads every time she showed up to them. This venerable queen turned as well the economy of England to be the most powerful and very strong in terms of monetary development.

Not only had the economy done Queen Elizabeth focus her efforts of making the lives of the Britons but this was also the time when the best personalities in the different field of society emerged. Shakespeare came from her era to name a few. Her era indeed was referred to as the golden era. A time when people cannot but enjoy the fruits of their labours, the support from the government, the peace, order and security, justice and a lot of other good things. Some citizens who shared what they considered that era of Queen Elizabeth were all praises and nothing less. One even said, her reign was a heaven here on earth, as if the gods came down to heaven personified in this good Queen.

Truly, she will forever be remembered by all her citizens because of the love she offered and all the sacrifices she spent in their behalf.

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