Why was Randy Moss released?

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Why was Randy Moss released?

Randy Moss is a football player for New England Patriots team before he was playing for Vikings, Minnesota. He was traded by Patriots to the Vikings in 2010, October. Due to some reasons he changed his side and wanted to leave his previous team. His record says that he could catch 13 passes for 174 yards and two touchdown passes in four games. Very quickly Vikings got tired of Moss, just after few weeks after his trading with Patriots. Moss was waived on the following day of the incident in which head coach Brad Childress was treated badly by Moss. Moss criticized Brad in a conference soon after the game was over, in which Vikings lost to patriots by 28-18.

Moss could only play 4 games with Vikings. This round was his second innings after playing for seven seasons in his first innings at Minnesota. Minnesota could manage 1-3 after trading Moss and could benefit with 13 catches by Moss in these games. Moss could manage with a catch at 8 yards distance but, lost the match to patriots. Moss did not talk about anything in the press conference and hence, he was fined about $25000. After he was fined, he said that he was not going to answer any more questions till the end of the season. When Moss was with Vikings team, he happened to eat in the locker room. One Friday, a local restaurant served food to the players and Moss was observed to be very loud in expressing his dissatisfaction with the type of food served. He was found to be very disturbed saying that the food given to him was similar to that given to his dog.

Though Moss is not the same person as he was before, his talents could help his team to win the game easily. As he was still strong enough to show miracles in football, any team might not think of releasing him so easily. But, Vikings have taken a chance to release him from the team thinking about his nuisance than his contribution for the team. In the final game with Vikings, Moss left a touchdown pass and left the game. Brett Favre was injured and left the game. Eventually Vikings lost the game to Patriots. Hence, Childress announced that Moss was released.

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