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Why Was Religion Created?

Why Was Religion Created?

Everyone in this world has someone or something that can be very important to them. This was the basis why was religion was created and have been shared in the whole world. These present days, there are more than thousands of religions that exists; every religion has their own God to worship and to love.

Every people have different faith, different Lords, and different beliefs. The only common thing is that they have someone or something that can control them through the faith and belief that they have. This is exactly one common cause why was religion created.

Religion is what controls most people as well as it is also the common reason why they can afford to control things. For instance, for Roman Catholics, it is strictly prohibited to kill. It is stated to the Ten Commandments in their Bible. This command is what keeps them to kill people.

It only means that it is a great means to control individual. There are also people from remote areas who prefer to eat veggies and other products from the nature rather than to kill animals because they believe that there are fairies and the like that guards their habitat. This also controls them to kill animals especially the endangered species.

Religion also ties families and clans. If you are Muslims then probably, you want all of your relatives and family to be Muslim and believe in your Lord. This is fairly understandable; in fact Muslims are also known as the most disciplined religion across the globe because what is prohibited with them is truly strictly prohibited. This only means that religion does not only make control people, it also contributes a lot to a person being strong determined.

Whatever your religion is, whatever clan you have, one thing is for sure and this are you have something or someone that controls you. This further explains the origin of any religion.


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