Why Was The Stonehenge Built?


Why Was The Stonehenge Built?

The Stonehenge is a popular mysterious ancient ruin on earth. For over 800 years, many researchers and scientists has formulated and presented ideas on why this enigmatic structure has been built. What is it really for? They fables and myths are actually based on some evidences but there are also reasons not to believe them. It consists of 35 paces across and 162 stones to be exact. The circular stone structure stands in a 320 feet hinge and the innermost area has sarsen horseshoe of blue stones. The term Stonehenge was derived from the Saxon’s terminology of ‘Stanhenge, which means ‘to hang,.

Now, was it really an observatory, an ancient calendar or a worship place? These theories can somewhat be true, or it might not. Inigo Jones, an architect, thought that Stonehenge is a temple for Romans. But between eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, the theory has been changed. An opinion rose that the Druids used it to be a sun-worship temple. Although it has proven that the Druids became prominent 1,000 years after Stonehenge was finished, it is still included on the possible reasons list.

Another hypothesis that came to the researchers’ mind is the Stonehenge as an observatory. The stones are also discovered to be celestial movements chart like a calendar. Others say that the stones are also used for religious purposes. Like it was a place where particular people are worshipping and calling their gods. It is also believed that the Stonehenge was built in three stages. They call it Stonehenge I, Stonehenge II and Stonehenge III. The basis of this theory is the continuous existence of different tribes that gather and reconstruct the stones as they want it. For simple people who are not very fond in science and architecture, these explanations can be acceptable since it fits the structure of the stones.

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  1. david

    September 11, 2010 9:08 am

    stone henge. i once had a dream. in the dream theres a man. he wants to keep his kingdom so a man builds stone henge. he digs out the ground making holes. he then uses cattle to pull the stones into place. once the stones slide down the hole. and set a bit he uses large timber versions to buils a ramp and fills the undersidewith stone. then uses cattle and rope to drag the stone to the top of the ramp and place the stone on top. the wood is then removed and the dirt leaving stone henge. in the dream it was always built in fog theres always a man in a boat. always dark. and the man is betrayed


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