Why was Veronica Mars Cancelled?

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Why was Veronica Mars Cancelled?

Veronica Mars is a famous American TV show directed by Rob Thomas and produced by Warner Bros television, Silver pictures television, Rob Thomas productions and Stu Segall productions Inc. The story of this television series revolves around a college girl ‘Veronica Mars’ who is also involved as private investigator. Every episode deals with a case that is solved by Veronica. This series was started in 2004. There is a talk that the production team did not have much revenue to continue the show as the popularity of the series ‘Veronica mars’ was declining. The people were no longer able to find charm in the series. There is also an understanding that the story involved many suspects and was confusing.

In 2007 January, CW entertainment president Dawn Ostroff has announced that the show is going to have a break for some time. In the February another series called ‘Pussycat Dolls Present’ started instead of Veronica mars. Ostroff later confirmed that Veronica Mars will not come back anytime. Ostroff was clear in telling that Rob Thomas will be further working with other projects of CW network. At last in 2007 June it was officially announced that Veronica Mars was cancelled by TV guide writer Michael Ausiello.

The season 3 episodes were not having that much twist and complexity compared to that of season 1 and 2. But somehow the statistics on audience has revealed that very few people are watching it. Many people who talk about this show praise it and say that they liked the show very much. Season 3 was featuring standalone episodes. Season 4 brought this show before the public with the title ‘five years later with Veronica in the FBI’. This was not liked by the network executives as well as most of the public. The CW network was not interested to take the show anymore as the TV series. The old regular casts were not present in the latest FBI episodes and they were totally different from that of the previous popular episodes of season 2. So Veronica Mars was cancelled.

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