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Why was XML created?

Why was XML created?

XML stands for extensible markup language. XML is similar to HTML language. XML language was created to implement the data and not to just display it. Unlike in HTML, XML tags cannot exist as predefined. The tags in XML should be defined on our own. XML is self explanatory language and is a W3C recommendation. XML is created to transfer the data and store it. The design of this language stresses on what type of data it is.

XML does not perform any operation by itself. It was designed to structure, store and transport information. It consists of information held in tags. XML was found to have satisfied the necessity of sending, receiving and displaying the information. The tags here were not defined by the XML standard. They are created by the one who found the XML document. XML is a hardware independent tool for transferring the data.

XML consists of structured information which can contain content and the role played by the content.  The role of the content differs like content of the heading, content in footnotes, content in figure, table and figure caption. XML resembles HTML as well as defined as application profile of Standard Generalized Markup language (SGML).

To observe the real necessities of XML, it is inevitable to know about the creation of XML. XML was designed to create easily and intensely structured documents that can be used in the web. HTML has some set of rules to be implemented in the document and does not have any arbitrary structure. SGML gives an arbitrary structure which is difficult to be implemented just in a web browser. Total SGML systems can resolve bigger knots and tend to give justification.

It is not that XML can be used in the place of SGML. XML is designed to provide structured content in the net. XML can provide creation of large documents and long time storage of complex documents. Filtering of SGML to XML is a standard way of web application display.


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