Why Was Yellowstone National Park Established?

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Why Was Yellowstone National Park Established?

When Yellowstone was first discovered in its earlier years, explorers noticed that the area is filled with potential. When they saw the beautiful natural formations, lush forests and diverse ecological systems in the area, they agreed that this place should be preserved for the enjoyment of future generations.

During the 1860’s, Ferdinand Vandeveer Hayden and a team of explorers travelled Yellowstone to survey the area and make a report to be passed on the U.S Government. The report consists of creating a recreation area for people to enjoy. They insisted that the area surrounding Yellow Stone should be off limits to human intervention to maintain its natural beauty.

Yellow Stone became the first national park in the world and was established on the early 1870’s. The U.S Government agreed to preserve the land and assigned funds and military personnel to help maintain and patrol the park. Conflicts between park visitors and wandering tribes in the area, has caused accidents and injuries until the park was fully developed. The military was placed to make sure that the land is protected from poachers and wandering tribes that might cause damage to its natural resources.

The government also started to construct roads and build other structures in the area. The structures provide support for the people that help maintain the park. A fort was built due to the excessive interference of illegal poachers and hunters in the area. The park is known to host many diverse animals including bears and other forms of wildlife.

Today the park is visited by millions of people around the world. They came to admire its untouched landscapes and undeveloped natural wonders. The rivers, forest, mountains and geysers that made the park unique were a favorite among tourists. The most famous among its attraction is the geyser that the park nicknamed ‘Old Faithful,.

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