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Why Yahoo is called Yahoo?

Why Yahoo is called Yahoo?

The Yahoo website began with the name of Jerry and David’s guide to the World Wide Web” in the year 1994 and in the month of January. Later, the novel nick name was given. The word Yahoo” is an acronym for Yet another Hierarchical Officious Oracle” that was named as such in April 1994. This lengthy name was suggested by David Filo and Jerry Yang in the year 1994. They both were students of Electrical Engineering at Stanford University. Earlier, this site was working as a directory for other websites which were organized in a hierarchy.

David Filo and Jerry Yang were interested to choose the name of Yahoo” as they liked the usual meaning of this term that has appeared in Gulliver’s travels”, written by Jonathan Swift. The meaning of the word was rude, unsophisticated and uncouth. The site was extensively used by many people who were outside the Stanford trailer. The site became so popular that by the end of the year 1994, there were 1 million hits received by the Yahoo site. The founders could understand the business potential of this site on March 2nd, 1995. The website name Yahoo” was started from 1996, April 12th. This business was incorporated and the founders visited the Silicon Valley venture capitalists for help. They could further take the help from Sequoia Capital who were ready to fund ‘Yahoo!’ in April, 1995 by about $2 million.

The Yahoo business was offered to the public for 33.8 million dollars. By giving away 2.6 million shares for $13 each, has resulted in fund hike. The name Yahoo” was used as trademark by other businesses like Barbecue Sauce, knives and human propelled watercraft. To borrow the trademark, Yang and Filo included the exclamation mark to the Yahoo name. But, in several cases of reference made to this site, the exclamation mark is ignored. The company started to improve gradually and is now one of the leading global internet communications and Media Company.


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