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Why Zombies can’t Exist?

Why Zombies can’t Exist?

Zombies, as far as we all know are just the creations of some horror stories. They are projected in the novels or stories as not having any conscience but they aspire always for the blood of the human beings. They are described as not having minds and hearts but are filled with darkness. They are known only as voracious human eaters. This is the way by which all the story writers impress the readers to crave for their writings which causes in the readers a kind of enthusiasm. This enthusiasm and belief in the novel or story creators makes the readers to also accept the creations of the writers. Zombies are one such creations which only exist as the elements in a novel but do not exist in reality.
If we think scientifically, a human body without any organs working in it and without any metabolic processes going on in it, cannot survive with hunger for blood. To have the intention to drink blood, there should also be some metabolic processes going on in the body. However, zombies are not depicted to have anything of that type in their bodies. They are said to be infected by a bug called Toxoplasma gondii. The belief goes like this to make us understand that these bugs infect a human being and make him mindless. It prompts him to allow it to destroy him and falls as a prey to that bug. The people who are infected with this bug are said to become mad and the infected human body is prone to deteriorate in health.
With the use of medicine, a disease can be cured. If it is not cured ultimately, the living person should die. The dead will never rise up to walk again in search of human blood as in the case of zombies.
But there are stories about devils which are experienced by some people with weak minds. Zombies or devils, whatever they may be, are just manifestations of the negatives in our mind and they do not really exist.


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