Difference between Brand Equity and Brand Value

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Both of these terms have a significant variation among them and have a complementary difference. In the present business environment, a brand is a very crucial marketing tip. A brand can refer to name, tag design or any other feature which differentiates ones person’s sellers’ products from those of another seller.

A brand also refers to an aptitude for the customer.  Due to its perceived meaning, the brand is known to have an economic value. The creation and the awareness of the brand rest on the seller. The consistency of the seller on the quality leas to the brand being either good or bad from the customer’s viewpoint.   The main difference is that while brand equity arises with the customer while brand value begins with the association.

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Definition of Brand equity

Brand equity is the perception or desire of a brand meeting which promised a payback. Once the brand equity is high, the clients pull the brand for success.  The effect of marketing goods on buyer’s action which lead to the formation of individual customer perception connected to the products or services.  The focus on the brand equity is based on the customers. In other words, it the opinion that customers hold for the brand. Its actual ownership does not rest on anyone.

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Definition of Brand value

The Brand value refers to the sale or replacement value of a brand. The focus of the brand value lies with the company or the organization. The equity of the brand has a unique impact on the brand value. The effect goes to the extent that it contributes to a positive monetary outcome toward the brand value.  The brand value is not constant; it varies according to the ownership. This implies that as different owners utilize the brand in distinct ways to attract the marker potential the tendency occurs.  The only things that affect the brand value of a company are the resources and the capabilities.  The brand value equates to the present gross amount of the future brand’s profit.  The brand value can either be a current value or appropriable value.

What are the differences between Brand Equity and Brand Value?

Difference in “Comprehensive Value” of Brand Equity vs Brand Value

The brand equity’ shows the customer side of value only towards an association. It does not show or bring out a thorough picture of the original association value.

On the other hand, the brand value offers an absolute value. It incorporates every amount that comprises revenues and cost savings. Besides, the two brand values, the current and the appropriate values provides a comparative value with a forthcoming orientation.

Difference in ” Variations”of Brand Equity vs Brand Value

In brand equity, the mutations occur between customers, and it is the most difficult value to quantify. This is because its trademark fairness lies in the customer’s beliefs.

On the other hand, the Brand value differs with a change of ownership or a firm reconstruction only. Besides, it is effortless to quantify all the contexts of appropriate and current value. Since its trademark fairness relies on the association, quantifying becomes very easy.

Difference in “Profit” of Brand Equity vs Brand Value

In brand equity, the numerical is easily attributable to both direct and indirect customer related factors.

On the other hand, in brand value, the benefit is realized from all sources. It is not limited to customers alone. Therefore it may be tough to attribute it.

Brand Equity vs Brand Value

Brand Equity VERSUS Brand Value

Conclusion of Brand Equity vs Brand Value

In conclusion, the brand equity is not similar to brand value as some people perceive.  The brand equity is the desired profit while the band value is the sale value of the brand. A brand is a great marketing tip today. It is referred to as the customer’s aptitude and has an economic benefit.  Their differences lie in the profit, variations and the overall value. Besides, the definition of the terms also gives out a clear difference between the two runs.


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