Difference between Branding and Advertising

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Branding and advertising are both used to foster and enrich awareness or your products.  A typical marketing gap appears as a result of failure to comprehend the difference between branding and advertising. Even though they are both parts of marketing and handled with a precise purpose of increasing the profit, they operate in distinct ways.   Both branding and advertising have the power to make the other less or more efficient. Understanding the difference between the two words can sustainable aid your business to advance. Their elements help to surge reputation of your firm by keeping the potential customers updated.

Definitions of branding and advertising


Difference between branding and advertising

Branding is an act of founding the brand. A brand is anything that can influence potential buyers to remain loyal to your firm or products.  For instance logo, it carries everything to do with identity.  Branding provides the positioning of your corporation. It is a process where you bring down the awareness of the firm to a single word.  That is a brand; a brand is a recognizable presentation of a corporation. Branding offers the company a personality trait which attaches an attribute to the firm. It also appeals the demographics of the company’s audience.



Advertising is the practice of making your company or products known to the marketplace. Mostly, it is an act of spreading a word about your business. While marketing is a way of convincing potential clients to purchase your products advertising is how you communicate to them the presence of the product. Advertising is a longer inert strategy. However, it can be changed, but after launching the campaign, it may not be easy to alter. Advertising is a serious act; it can either bring your company up or down.Difference between branding and advertising-1

Differences between  branding and advertising

“Focus” in  branding and advertising

Branding is an act of founding the brand which helps to hold clients to the company. It involves bringing together everything that the audience presumes and experiences combined with the functioning of all elements such as logo or tagline. On the other hand, advertising is the act of communicating the brand to the audience. It focuses of creating awareness.

 “Effect” in branding and advertising

The primary role of branding is to build the loyalty of the company to the potential buyers.  It involves maintaining the brand in the market which influences buyers to remain loyal to the firm. On the other hand, advertising is the act of communicating the brand to the market to create trust.  It is the way making the brand known in the marketplace.

“Emergence” in branding and advertising

Branding is macro; the progression begins on the inside after the assessment of the core competencies before it reaches to the potential customer. Nonetheless, advertising is micro. Unless people have seen or heard the advert, it cannot have any effect.

“Transmission mechanism” in branding and advertising

The identity of the brand is communicated or transmitted via visual presentations such as logo or tagline. Contrary to that, advertising is transmitted via several mediums, for instance, TV, radio, and the internet.

“Running term” in branding and advertising

Branding is a long-term process while advertising is a short-term process. This means that, once branding is over, you can stay up to five or 10 years without breaking it. Changing or adjusting the branding can affect your firm negatively. On the other hand, advertising is not a long-term process; it can be affected by the technology and the season. Therefore it should run for a short time maybe 2 to 3 months and get changed.

Branding VERSUS Advertising

Conclusion of  branding and advertising

In conclusion, even though branding and advertising seem to be similar, they are not. Branding involves founding a brand while advertising is communicating the brand and making it known to the public. Branding is macro and creates loyalty while advertising is micro and creates awareness. Branding is communicated via visual presentations while the advertisement is transmitted via several mediums for instance posters or the TV. Finally, branding is long term, one you brand once you branding is over, you will take years before doing it again.  However, advertising is short term, and you cannot have the same advert for years.


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