Differences Between Brand and Label

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The field of business, especially marketing, is comprised of technical terms that may sometimes be difficult to distinguish. The article below focuses on highlighting some of the significant differences between a brand and a label.

Differences Between a Brand and a Label

What is a Brand?

A brand is an idea or a perception of a specific product or service that customers connect with, by identifying the slogan, name, and design among other characteristics that differentiate the product with other products in the marketplace.

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What is a Label?

A label refers to a tag that displays information about a product on its container, packaging, or the product itself.

Differences Between a Brand and a Label

  1. Functions of Brand vs Label

A brand plays the role of helping consumers to identify a specific product in the market while the purpose of the brand is to inform consumers of the particular information and details concerning the product at hand. This means that a brand has a psychological boost to the consumer while a label tells and protects the consumer against exploitation.

  1. Appearance of Brand vs Label

A brand cannot be seen or touched because it is positioned in the minds of the consumer or in other terms, it is a perception towards a particular product concerning quality, quantity, and performance. However, a label can be seen attached or marked on the product itself in a position where it can display information to the customers willing to buy the product.

  1. Durability of Brand vs Label

A brand is a long-lasting thing as it is attached to the consumer’s perception, which is likely to last as long as customers last. However, a brand can easily be removed from the product itself, especially the ones which are not attached to the product on a permanent basis. Removing a brand makes it difficult for the customer to understand the specific details of any particular product.

  1. Source of Brand vs Label

The brand of a product is created and sourced from the consumers while the label of a product is produced by the manufacturing entity through the labeling department. Companies engage in marketing strategies that are geared towards positioning a product in the minds of consumers so that they can create a positive brand.

Table Showing Difference Between a Brand and a Label

Brand VERSUS LAbel

Summary of Brand vs Label

  • The significant difference between a brand and a label is that a brand is the perception of a product by a group of consumers concerning the quality, quantity, and performance of a specific product while a label is a tag attached to a product containing detailed information about the product.
  • Organizations use branding as a competitive tool to expand their market share while earning much profit through increased sales while labeling is a legal requirement with the aim of protecting consumers against exploitation by manufacturers.

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