Sex Makes You Smarter

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feet-224680_640Studies have shown how regular sex can fight depression, boost your immune system and increase overall happiness. Now science tells us that romping in the hay can boost your IQ as well.

A team of scientists from South Korea and America came to this conclusion by studying the copulation habits of our friend, the rat. In looking at the collected data, researchers at the University of Maryland discovered rodents in the afterglow saw increased neuron growth in their hippocampus. The hippocampus is the region of the brain where mammals store their long-term memories.

The research also showed that, perhaps obviously, sex is excellent at battling stress. Stress is among the chief offenders in halting the growth of brain cells. Therefore, the combination of lowered stress levels and increased hippocampal activity led researchers to conclude more sex boosts your IQ.

The study also showed the benefits of regular sex have no expiration date. Middle-aged rats allowed regular sex saw their brain activity boosted to resemble their younger counterparts. So sex not only makes your brain smarter, it makes your brain younger as well.

The study comes with a few caveats, though. These benefits come only with regular sexual sessions. Anyone going through a bedroom drought will see these increases in brain activity fade away. Science warns that while sex is beneficial, porn is not. Other studies have shown viewing pornographic images actually has a negative effect on human memory and blocks our ability to multitask.

Studies also show that while sex does indeed make one smarter, there is no correlation between one’s baseline intelligence and the frequency of their carnal interludes. Quote, “smart,” people do not have sex with any greater frequency than the general population.

So if your significant other tries to dive under the covers, persist and say, given ten minutes, you can make them a smarter person.

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