Similarities Between Bourbon and Whiskey

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Most people who occasionally consume alcohol are familiar with whiskey and Bourbon. But some are not aware of the similarities and differences between the three. For example, the distinction between Bourbon and whiskey might not be as obvious if you don’t frequently consume brown liquor. After all, both whiskey and Bourbon are brown liquids with a similar appearance.

And to further compound any misunderstandings, it is correct to refer to Bourbon as whiskey. So, like Champagne is a kind of wine, Bourbon is a type of whiskey.

What is Bourbon?

American whiskey is known as Bourbon. Distillers are only permitted to use the term “bourbon” to refer to a spirit that has aged in brand-new, charred-oak barrels and has at least a 51 percent corn mash bill, as defined by the United States Congress. The alcohol proof (often known as ABV or alcohol by volume), time spent maturing in barrels, bottling, labeling, mixing, and other factors are then governed by further regulations.

While many tales and legends surround the history of Bourbon, it is generally accepted that whiskey production in the US dates back to the late 18th century.

Kentucky, in particular, and the American South are strongly connected to Bourbon. It is frequently consumed either by itself or as an ingredient in well-known cocktails like the old-fashioned mint julep and manhattan.

Bourbon is stronger than other types of whiskey because it has greater proof. Its flavor can range from being highly sweet to being very dry. Bourbon needs to be distilled at a lower cost than whiskey manufactured from other grains to achieve the smooth flavor we identify with.

What is Whiskey?

A mixture of fermented grains, such as corn, barley, rye, or wheat, is used to make whiskey, a distilled liquor. Although whiskey can be unaged (as with moonshine), most whiskey is matured in wooden barrels, giving it a darker color, adding oak and wood notes, and softening the harsh alcohol flavor. Just two of the many whiskey variations are rye and single malt whiskeys. Rye whiskey must have a minimum mash percentage of 51%.

Whiskey comes in various varieties from various grains and alcoholic beverages (like gin, vodka, and rum). In addition, to generate new flavors, certain whiskeys are combined with other alcoholic beverages (like fireball or blackberry).

Whiskey’s origins can be traced to Ireland, and there is evidence that it was first distilled there in the early 15th century. As a result, strong regulations are in place to preserve quality standards and ensure that each variety of whiskey retains its characteristics because of its historical and geographic significance.

Whisky is the healthiest alcohol you can consume and has an active beneficial effect on the body. It has almost no sugar or carbs and no fat. As a result, it scarcely affects blood sugar levels, making it a healthier option for diabetics than other types of alcohol.

Similarities Between Bourbon and Whiskey

Produced on a Blend of Corn, Rye, and Other Various Grains

Every whiskey starts with a base of corn, barley, rye, and wheat grain. The flavor and aroma of the alcohol are determined by these grains. Most whiskeys are created with a combination of these grains to add texture and depth and fully extract each grain’s greatest flavor.

Various whiskeys have different grain ratios. Therefore, your capacity to identify, value, and relish your favorite whiskeys is enhanced by knowing the grain ratio that goes into making your favorite glass.

A whiskey’s mash, or the mixture of grains from which the beverage is distilled, must include at least 51% corn for it to be considered Bourbon. Malted barley and rye are typically used to fill up the remaining portions of the mash.

Usually Aged in Oak Barrels

Generally, every whiskey is aged in oak barrels. The aging process is influenced by the type of oak, its origin, its cut, its prior usage (or lack thereof), and all of these factors. But if oak is left to age for too long, the alcohol could get a little peppery, and we can limit the aging process and minimize long-term storage to prevent this.

Bourbon should be matured in fresh oak barrels for at least two years. The barrels must be constructed from American wood that has been internally charred. Bourbon’s distinctive flavor and recognizable amber hue come from these barrels.

Distilled Similarly

Distillation increases the alcohol in the liquid by condensing the vaporized fermented liquid back into a liquid after heating it. In a still, distillation takes place. The two primary types of stills are the column and the pot. For Bourbon, rye, and other American whiskies, column stills are generally employed.


What’s the difference between whiskey and bourbon whiskey?

Bourbon differs from whiskey in the following ways: it must be made in the United States, contain at least 51% corn, mature in freshly charred American white oak barrels, and be at least 80 proof when 


Is Bourbon the same as bourbon whiskey?

The words for the particular drink are “bourbon” and “bourbon whiskey.” Bourbon must reach a specific proof or alcohol content before barreling it. The mash must be distilled at a strength of 125 proof and no less than 160 proof, i.e., 62.5 and 80 percent alcohol by volume, respectively.

What makes whiskey a bourbon?

A whiskey must have at least 51% maize in its mash—the concoction of grains from which the finished product is distilled—to be named a Bourbon. Malted barley and rye or wheat often make up the remainder of the mash.

Is Jack Daniels a whiskey or a bourbon?

Since Jack Daniel’s is a Tennessee whiskey, it is unquestionably whiskey. Even the name indicates that. Whiskey is just the most general name for distilled grain that has been matured in oak barrels, regardless of the types of grains used (such as maize, rye, wheat, barley, or rice), the location in which it is produced, the types of barrels employed, and more.

The maximum proof that Bourbon can be distilled is 160, or 80% alcohol by volume. Jack is clearly below that. It exits the still at a proof of 140, or 70% alcohol.

Can any whiskey be called Bourbon?

Bourbon is a type of American whiskey brewed from a mash that contains mostly corn. Hence any whiskey cannot be named Bourbon.

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