Similarities Between Christianity and Judaism

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Christianity and Judaism are religious perspectives among other religious beliefs observed by people around the world, which include Islam, Buddhism, and Hinduism among others.

  • What is Christianity?

Similarities Between Christianity and Judaism

Christianity is a religious belief that is based on the person and teachings of Jesus Christ. Jesus is the focal or reference point of the Christian faith. Any person who adheres to the teachings and beliefs of Christianity is referred to as a Christian. It is important to highlight that Christianity is the most significant religion with over 33% of the global population.

  • What is Judaism?

Similarities Between Christianity and Judaism-1

Judaism is an ancient religion that has its foundation as Torah. This religion encompasses religion, philosophy, and culture of the Jewish people.  Moreover, this doctrine is highly based on the covenant between God and children of Israel at Mount Sinai. Furthermore, Judaism is the tenth-largest religion in the world with an estimated following of over 17.4 million audiences.

Similarities Between Christianity and Judaism

  1. Similarities Between Christianity and Judaism in terms of “Supremacy of God”

One of the main similarity between Christianity and Judaism is the belief in God and his sovereignty. According to both religious perspectives, God is the epitome of faith, and He has the power to forgive the sinners. Also, the love of God supersedes his hatred because He is God of mercy. Moreover, the existence of God cannot be questioned, as He is the giver and taker of life. Some other attributes of God shared between the two religious perspectives is the God is supreme, omnipresent, and caring.

  1. Similarities Between Christianity and Judaism in terms of “Sin and Forgiveness”

In both religions, sin is a rebellion against the will of God and whoever sins does so contrary to the will of the supreme power of nature. Therefore, anyone who acts opposed to what is expected will expect punishment at the end of times. However, anyone who sins but seeks forgiveness from God is forgiven and will, therefore, to be subjected to punishment.  According to both religions, God has promised to forgive any magnitude of sin to whoever repents.

  1. Similarities Between Christianity and Judaism in terms of “Important Persons”

Both Christianity and Judaism have prominent people who have been the foundation of the religious beliefs. For example, prophets appear in both religions are essential spiritual leaders who have a connection with God and that God communicates to His people through the prominent people. Jesus appears in both faiths, but His significance is not the same. While Christians view Jesus as the center of Christianity, Judaism sees Jesus as an ordinary person who did not play an essential role in their faith.

  1. Similarities Between Christianity and Judaism in terms of “Creation Stories”

In both religions, the stories of creation are the same and seem to emanate from the same time and through the same people. That is, Adam and Eve are the first human beings to be directly created by God and that all other humans can trace their origin in the Garden of Eden and birth from Adam and Eve. Besides, both religions believe in the welfare of doing well to other people while at the same time living in harmony and peace notwithstanding our racial and ethnicity differences.

  1. Similarities Between Christianity and Judaism in terms of “Salvation”

Both religions believe that salvation is given through the grace of God. However, Christianity believes that beauty is received through the belief through faith in Jesus Christ.  For Judaism, one receives salvation through good works, prayers, and the grace of God. It is important to highlight that both religions believe that there is a place of everlasting punishment for unrighteous. Although it is not eternal punishment in Judaism, there is temporary punishment while those who have conducted outrageous sins will be punished for the rest of their lives.

  1. Similarities Between Christianity and Judaism in terms of “Places of Worship”

Lastly, it is important to highlight that both religions view Jerusalem as an essential spiritual city where one can go and worship. However, both the religious approaches have places of worship where believers assemble in a specific day to worship and express their belief in God. Christian worship in Churches while Jews worship in synagogues.

Conclusion : Main points of  Christianity and Judaism

  • It is important to highlight that Christianity and Judaism are some of the religious perspectives with significant following around the world. However, despite having some significant similarities, the two religions have some profound differences.
  • Furthermore, all religions work with the aim of ensuring that people offer reverence to God and as a way of gaining spiritual fulfillment. Only some few differences exist between the two religions hence the most significant number of similarities.

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