Similarities Between Economy and Premium Economy

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There’s no denying it. While Premium Economy is not in any way comparable to a Business Class flight seat, it’s definitely a worthy upgrade from the classic Economy class. Premium Economy and Economy are two seating options offered by airlines for passengers traveling on flights. Most commercial airlines offer three different tiers of seating options: First Class, Business Class, and Economy. However, many airlines offer an above-average Economy class option called the Premium Economy class. They bring in the Premium Economy class to bridge the gap between the Economy class and the more expensive Business Class. In this article, we look at some similarities between the Economy and Premium Economy.


Economy Class is the standard and the basic seating option, and the most affordable one too. It provides basic amenities for a comfortable journey but with fewer perks compared to higher classes. Passengers get standard seats with limited or adequate legroom. The seats are narrower compared to Premium Economy seats. You get basic in-flight entertainment, which may include shared screens or personal seatback screens with a limited selection of movies, TV shows, etc. 

Premium Economy

Premium Economy is yet another travel class offered by many airlines as a trade-off between the standard Economy Class and Business Class. As the name suggests, it offers more comfort, more space, increased legroom, and more amenities compared to Economy Class. Passengers may get a dedicated cabin section with fewer seats for a more personalized experience and access to more entertainment options, often with larger screens and noise-canceling headphones. Additional conveniences may include enhanced meal services, including complimentary drinks and improved dining options.

Similarities between Economy and Premium Economy

Seat and Cabin

– While you can expect a slightly wider seat and more legroom in Premium Economy, it offers almost the same level of comfort and convenience as with Economy Class. Both classes provide seats with adjustable headrests, tray tables for meals and work, and seat pockets for personal belongings. However, the essential conveniences are the same. Premium Economy, however, may offer additional amenities like enhanced meals, spacious cabins, etc. Both classes ensure that passengers have access to essential facilities required for a comfortable journey.

In-Flight Assistance

– No matter how much extra you pay, passengers in both Premium Economy and Economy Class receive assistance and services from the same in-flight cabin crew. They ensure the safety and well-being of all passengers on board, regardless of the class they’ve opted for. You receive the same assistance and support, whether it’s providing information, serving meals, boarding assistance, or just anything, to ensure a pleasant and safe journey.

Entertainment Options

– The space and the in-flight amenities depend on the airline. While Premium Economy’s biggest selling point is more space and legroom, the in-flight entertainment systems mostly remain the same. While the variety and quality of entertainment may vary between the two classes, passengers in both classes have access to movies, TV shows, music, and other media. Economy Class may have shared screens or personal seatback screens, while Premium Economy may offer larger screens and more extensive entertainment selections.

Safety Standards

– Both classes are part of the same aircraft and adhere to the same safety standards. Regardless of the class, all passengers are subject to the same safety regulations, including the use of seat belts, life vests, oxygen masks, and emergency procedures. The overall aircraft configuration, such as the location of emergency exits and evacuation procedures, is the same with no exceptions. This is to make sure that passengers in both classes have equal access to safety measures and procedures


In a nutshell, Premium Economy is a slightly upgraded Economy Class with wider seats and more legroom. Some airlines also provide more amenities and services, though. In general, Premium Economy provides an intermediate level of comfort and service between Economy Class and Business/First Class. It offers better meals and entertainment systems. Economy Class is suitable for budget-friendly travelers and provides all the essential amenities and services for a comfortable in-flight experience without the added conveniences of Premium Economy.


What is the difference between Premium Economy and Economy?

Premium Economy typically provides more spacious seats with increased legroom, wider seats, and better reclining compared to Economy Class. The seats, however, are pretty much the same in terms of quality across all domestic airlines.

Is it worth upgrading from Economy to Premium Economy?

If you value extra comfort, more legroom, improved dining options, and enhanced entertainment, then it might be worthwhile to upgrade to Premium Economy. If you’re concerned about the budget, then it’s certainly more expensive than the Economy Class.

What is the difference between Premium Economy and Economy on Air Canada?

Premium Economy on Air Canada typically includes larger seats with more legroom and increased seat recline. Additionally, passengers receive premium meal services, complimentary alcoholic beverages, and an amenity kit.

Is Premium Economy higher than first class?

No, Premium Economy is not higher than First Class. First Class is generally the most luxurious and premium class available on many airlines.

Can you sleep in Premium Economy?

While the seat comfort and recline may not be as extensive as in Business or First Class, Premium Economy seats are designed for better rest compared to Economy Class. So, you can sleep and rest comfortably, even during long flights.

Is Premium Economy better than business class?

Business Class offers a higher level of luxury, comfort, and services compared to Premium Economy. So, No, Premium Economy is not better than the Business Class.

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