Similarities Between French and American Revolution

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American and French revolutions are some of the most significant historical revolutions that happened around the world. Despite the two revolutions taking place in Countries Ocean apart, they seem to have some similarities that warrant further discussion.

Similarities Between French and American Revolution

  • What is French Revolution?

The French revolution was a period of political instability in France that lasted for about ten years. The revolution was looking forward to eliminating the monarchical system of ruling, which had made the citizens of the kingdom be its subjects by instituting strict rules and regulations. During the revolution, there war far-reaching social and political changes where the leadership of the country was overthrown while at the same time expanding the territory of the French Empire.

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  • What is American Revolution?

The American Revolution was a revolt that was undertaken by the ordinary citizens of the United States against the colonial masters who had colonized the country. During this period, Great Britain was the colonial master of the thirteen states of United States where the colonial masters had subjected the citizens of the colony to unreasonable rules and regulations that were inhuman. Some of the severe and draconian laws and regulations were the Tea Acts that required all citizens to pay taxes for the tea sold. The American Revolution took place between 1765 and 1783 upon, which the thirteen states won independence to become the United States of America.

Similarities Between French and American Revolution

  • Similarities Between French and American Revolution in regards to “Leadership Change”

Both American and French revolution was geared towards changing the leadership style that was being practiced in their countries. During this time, the two countries were ruled by absolute monarchs, which had subjected people to oppressive rules, which included payment of taxes and other statutory fees. Due to the economic hardships that people were experiencing, they wanted to change the leadership styles such that they could bring power back to the people while at the same time instilling governments and rulers who cared for the welfare of the people.

  • Similarities Between French and American Revolution in regards to “Enlightenment”

One of the leading causes of the revolution in the two countries was the enlightenment where people could understand their rights. Writers such as Rousseau and Voltaire had informed the people the benefits that they had to accrue from the government. However, the government and the ruling monarch was not willing to help the citizens but required them to contribute towards unproductive venture like the military. Both the middle and lower classes wanted to be guaranteed natural rights of all citizens through an ideology that all the people were supposed to be treated the same way by their government. People had realized the inequality inherent in monarchial systems hence becoming resistance.

  • Similarities Between French and American Revolution in regards to “Government Replacement”

Both the American and French revolution led to the replacement of the monarch governments whereby they replaced them with new regulations that were more democratic and, which provided significant support to the people who had elected them. It is worth noting that the French monarchy was replaced by the Napoleon who took over the leadership of the French empire after an extended period of war and political upheaval. On the other hand, the American government was taken over by a democratically elected assembly, which replaced the Great Britain leadership, which had led the country during the colonization period.

  • Similarities Between French and American Revolution in regards to “Religion”

In both revolutions, religion played a significant role or was at the center of controversy and people wanted to change something about it. After the declaration of independence, the United States indicated that people had equal rights to a warship and that there was no preferred religion. This was unlike what the colonial master, England, required whereby there was a universal Church of England at that time. On the other hand, the French revolution targeted the Catholic Church, which had close ties with the ruling class hence making them a simple target among those people who were being ousted from power.

  • Similarities Between French and American Revolution in regards to “Bloodiness”

Both American and French revolutions were characterized by a large number of deaths from both sides of the warring parties. In the American Revolution, there were more than 100,000 reported casualties while the French revolution is said to have published almost the same number of victims from both sides of the conflicting parties. Moreover, scores of injuries were in large numbers making them like any other revolution that happened around the world where there were many deaths and a significant number of injured people.

  • Similarities Between French and American Revolution in regards to “Economic Impacts”

The Economic challenge was one of the primary impacts that affected the two countries after the end of the revolution period. The states entered times of economic turmoil due to the destroyed commercial systems and structures that supported the export and import and export of goods and services. One of the leading causes of financial challenges was the increased debt that the governments had to pay. It is important to note that the warring parties had to borrow obligations so that they could arm their armies while at the same time offering the necessary supplies. Moreover, the productive people in the society were killed or injured hence denying the economy people who could have spearheaded economic development.

Summary of similarities between French and American Revolution

  1. It is important to note that both American and French revolution remain to be some of the most profound uprisings against the existing powers.
  2. The two revolutions can be said to have spearheaded the election of legitimate governments that are guided by the rules and regulations as highlighted in the constitution.
  3. In the governments formed after revolutions, people had power and would demand services from such regulations while at the same time removing those leaders who were not adhering to the doctrine of equality among all people in the society regardless of their actual differences like skin color and gender among others.

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