Similarities between Jesus and Horus

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There are people who believe that Jesus and all the accounts associated with him and recorded in the New Testament are just myths borrowed from the story of the Egyptian god Horus. These people claim that the stories are the same, given the fact that Horus came before Jesus, they say Jesus’ story is simply a replica. Did the writers of the Bible simply borrow from an old myth? Is the gospel so many people believe in a kind of mythological plagiarism?

The Story of Jesus

In Christianity, Jesus Christ is the Messiah. Christians believe that Jesus was divine and human, which made him the son of God. During his time on earth, he suffered all the pain and suffering of mortal men but resisted from sin. He is said to have been conceived of the Holy Spirit and born in a shed surrounded by animals on 25 December. Jesus was born by Virgin Mary and had a stepfather named Joseph. He walked on water, raised the dead and cheated death himself after rising back to life after three days., he was baptized at the age of 30, delivered a sermon on the mount and had 12 disciples. According to religion, Jesus came to fulfill a law and will reign for 1000 years.

Similarities between Jesus and Horus

The Story of Horus

Horus was an Egyptian god born of Isis and Osiris. According to mythology, his brother Set who wanted to have his throne tore Osiris from limb to limb. It was after this that Isis looked for the body parts of Osiris and used them to conceived Horus. For this reason, people believe that Horus was a divine conception. Isis gave birth to Horus in a cavern, surrounded by animals and a star named Sirius notified the three deities of the sun. According to mythology, Horus was born during the winter solstice, which falls between 21st and 26 December.

Similarities between Jesus and Horus

  1. Both were conceived of the Holy Spirit
  2. The stepfather of Jesus was Joseph and the stepfather of Horus was called Seph (Joseph)
  3. They were both of royal descent
  4. Three solar deities followed by Sirius accompanied the birth of Horus, while the birth of Jesus was accompanied by the three wise men led y the morning star.
  5. Angels announced both their births.
  6. Herod tried to have Jesus killed by slaughtering all first born babies while Herut tried to murder Horus
  7. John the Baptist baptized Jesus at the age of 30 while Anup baptized Horus at the age of 30.
  8. Jesus had 12 disciples while Horus had 12 followers
  9. Jesus resisted temptation from Satan while Horus resisted temptation from Set
  10. Jesus performed miracle like walking on water and healing the sick while Horus performed the same miracles
  11. Horus raised his father Osiris from the dead while Jesus raised Lazarus from the grave. It is said that the name Lazarus is Elasarus with the last two letters Romanized. The name is said to have been derived from El-Asar, the name given to Osiris.
  12. Both Jesus and Horus were crucified
  13. Horus was buried in a tomb in the city of Anu or “Bethany” while Jesus was buried in a tomb located in Bethany
  14. Horus was crucified with two thieves by his side while Jesus was crucified with two thieves as well
  15. Jesus was resurrected after three days whole Horus resurrected after three days as well.
  16. The resurrection of Jesus was announced by three women while that of Horus was announced by three women
  17. Jesus was given the name Christ, which means the anointed one while Horus was given the name KRST, which also means anointed one.

Summary on Similarities between Jesus and Horus

These are the said similarities between Horus, an Egyptian god and Jesus, Christ the Messiah. For this reasons, skeptics seem to believe that the story of Jesus was simply derived from that of Horus. However, there are differences in their stories as well, like the fact that Mary, the mother of Jesus was a human being while, Isis, the mother of Horus was a goddess. Jesus was fully human as well while Horus was immortal and portrayed as a god. The similarities though do show that the story of a savior had been retold before even though there is no proof that the Bible was based on it.


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