Similarities between Leadership and Management

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To understand the relationship between the two, you should have a clear understanding of the main components of a leader and a manager. Both leadership and management hold an essential part of every working place.


Leadership refers to the arty of leading other people. Also, Leadership also refers to as setting a new direction for a particular group to follow. Implying that the leader is the commander or spearhead of the new course. It is also defined as, act on the setting, suggesting that the leader regulates the state of the surrounding and people. A leader observes the states keenly and discerns significance regarding on how to adapt to the setting more effectively. Great leaders are able to come up with challenging results by involving others in their work.   Excellent leadership skills account for the success of a corporation.

Characteristics of a good leader

Leadership necessitates for self-awareness, a good leader must be aware of his or her inner emotional state strengths as well as weakness. A good leader must be able to differentiate when they have overworked and when working flows. Another vital skill of a leader is self-direction.  A good leader must be able to direct himself, he should be well set that he knows how things are done, organize task carefully and avoid procrastination. Every leader must have a vision, as a leader, you should be working towards a great goal. It can be either a small or more significant vision.

Similarities between Leadership and Management


Management is a fundamental process which involves strategic planning, setting purposes, managing properties and deploying both financial and human assets required to archive the fixed objective.  Also, management includes recording and storing particulars and information for later use or other people in the same organization.  The work of management is not limited to managers and supervisors only. Every organization member has some management duties as part of their routine task.  The starting point of control is planning; excellent management begins with proper planning. In the natural essence, planning is like an investment. Its goal is to archive the best out resources, add value and get the best in return.

Characteristics of a good manager

Communication is an essential trait of good leaders. A good leader must be able to communicate well. In the regular working states, managers communicate with employees who report them to senior managers and customers. Besides, a good manager must be a good listener.  They should also have skills to communicate nonverbally. A good manager must be able to lead by example. A good leader must be a competent planner. Also, he should be able to solve problems efficiently. An active leader takes up responsibilities for every issue that arises instead of seeing them as another person’s responsibility and solves them keenly.

Similarities between Leadership and  Management

Roles of Leadership and Management

The primary concern of both leadership and management is to allocate existing resources in a way they can be used efficiently. They share an ultimate goal of wanting to maximize profit and establish a robust bottom line of the firm.

Influence of Leadership and Management

Both management and leadership involve influencing the work structure and environment.  The heads are supposed to lead by examples.  Everybody under them operates or work according to their spirit.  They can influence people to either perform well or bad.

Vision of Leadership and Management

Both Leadership and management are anxious with goal achievement. They involve working towards a specific set vision.  Each one of them focuses on the vision.

Working relations of Leadership and Management

Both management and leadership involves working with people. It includes being ahead of people and determining the way forward.

Summary of Leadership and Management

In conclusion, leadership and management are not similar, however, they operate together. They have similarities which make people confuse them to be synonyms.   Leadership is the art to lead. It necessitates for self-awareness and self-direction. Management is an essential process which requires strategic planning and setting purposes. A good manager must have excellent communication and planning skills. He or she must be able to solve issues keenly.  The similarities between leadership and management are working relations where they both seniors. They all focus on the same vision. People under them look upon them and therefore they are both influencers.


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