Similarities between Trump and Hitler

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Donald trump and Adolf Hitler have some similarities. Many reports have cited these similarities from 2016 in his presidential campaign that most of his assertions are inspired by the German Nazi-leader, Adolf Hitler. But, these similarities do not imply that Trump and Hitler are entirely the same with their leadership. That could sound somehow derogatory considering the extent of oppression that the Nazi regime had subscribed to.

Similarities between Trump and Hitler

Trump’s Leadership

In a nutshell, Trump’s leadership is not unique in history but it is unique in modern American history. Anne Frank Centre, a human rights organization, kept on being critical of Trump’s administration and equating to the Nazi regime, especially the series of oppression that led to the Holocaust in Germany in the 1930s.

Trump’s populist leadership was evident from his political campaign. Among his promises, he promised to make America great again by deporting millions of immigrants, and building a wall between the US and Mexico. Now that he is in power, the extent of his populism is being seen more and likened to that of Adolf Hitler. He is demonizing those that possess a different believe from him. Also noteworthy is how he creates his own media and exploits youth at rallies.

The North Korea state media has also made its assertions about Trump possessing similarities with Hitler. His stance on “America First” in the 21st century is likened to the Nazism era in the 1930s. Adolf Hitler had also reiterated the same sentiments following the Germany’s loss of the World War 1 where scores of Germans lost their lives and the country consequently suffered economically.

Trump indicated that the Americans are suffering on their land while the politicians are exploiting the resources. He also attributed the abundance of immigrants to the scarcity of resources for the Americans.

Hitler’s Leadership

Hitler’s is notorious of the massacre killings under his Nazi regime in the 1930s. Among others, he killed the homosexuals, disabled and the Jews. Vulnerable communities were isolated following demonization and discrimination in an attempt to only focus on the native Germans. The era was termed the Holocaust wherein millions of people were murdered under the leadership of Adolf Hitler.

Hitler got his mass following after Germany lost World War 1 wherein millions had lost their lives. Plagued with trauma and economic crisis, the masses put their promises in Hitler to revive their country. But this typical trauma is not likened to any event in the US that has led to the mass following of Donald trump. Nonetheless, the influence of both leaders is parallel.

Adolf Hitler was a populist leader with no conservative party to likely change his status quo. This is the trend Trump is seen leading to where he needs more power to effect changes without the opposition. Some feel that his populist actions might evoke the next World War in the 21st Century.

Key Similarities between Trump and Hitler

The statements below serve as the similarities between Trump and Hitler in their promises of putting their countries first. Hitler’s quotes are preserved in some libraries for historical references. They were compared with the recent statements that Donald Trump made especially starting from 2016 in his political campaigns to the present moment after his inauguration. Here they are where the similar statements are shown using alternative colors:

Trump: Certain people have benefited from the resources of our country while the citizens have suffered largely. Politicians were successful but they never cared about our people hence the jobs had declined and many factories have closed. They celebrated in their triumphs while the citizens struggled for too long.

Hitler: The German people have been deprived freedom and honor for more than 14 years. Our people were deceived by our enemies both locally and abroad. This has led to the struggle of our people in general.

Trump: I will reunite America and we will be totally unstoppable. We will fear no one because we are protected by God at all the times.

Hitler: German will regard Christianity as the foundation of our values and morals. Our government will focus on reuniting and reviving the nation to plough the spirit of unity and cooperation. We will advocate for the basic principles upon which our nation was built.

Trump: Mothers and their children have suffered tremendously from the poverty that has prevailed in our cities with no jobs because factories were closed. The crimes and drug abuse have escalated across our land where too many people have lost their lives. Our country has lost its potential because of these mishaps.

Hitler: Millions of German people are suffering from poverty because of the lack of employment resulting from economic crisis. This misery cannot be tolerated. Both the small artisans and the middle class have been left impoverished.

Trump: America can be great again. America first and together we can make it wealthy again. We will make it a safe place again and our citizens will be proud of it. God bless America. Thank you.

Hitler: We will revive Germany and make it a great country again. Give us only 4 years to achieve our mission and deliver on our promises. May the almighty God bless us, strengthen our purpose so we can achieve more because we are fighting for our people not for ourselves.

It is evident from these statements that indeed Trump and Hitler share some similarities. One might conclude that he’s regarding Hitler as his inspiration since his populist presidential style is unique in America’s modern history, but similar to that of the Nazi leader.


  • Trump and Hitler share leadership styles
  • Trump promised to deport thousands of immigrants, and Hitler had killed millions of people in Germany, particularly the Jews, disabled and the homosexuals
  • Trump reiterated that “America First” meaning he will make it great. Hitler also had the same assertions especially after Germany lost their World War 1 where millions have lost their lives and the country facing economic crisis.
  • Trump demonizes everyone who possesses different believe than him. He creates his own media, endorses police brutality. This is not far from the actions showed by the Nazi leader in the 1930s during his tenure of leadership.

Author: Lusi Madisha

Lusi is a professional writer and a researcher for more than seven years. She is a chemical engineering graduate from the University of South Africa.

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