Why Aadi is Inauspicious?

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Why Aadi is Inauspicious?

Indians follow the lunar year which is determined by the movement of planets based on the moon and not the sun. So their year has 12 lunar months. The first six months are called as ‘Uttaraayanam, and the next six months are called as ‘Dakshinaayaana,. The dakshinaayana will start with the lunar month called ‘Aadi,. The dakshinaayanam is considered as night time for Angels and uttaraayanam is considered as day time for Angels. In Aadi month several festivals and prayers are offered by people to God according to the scriptures and tradition. Though many prayers and festivals are performed in this period, marriages and any important occasions are not celebrated in this month.

Month of Aadi indicates the beginning of dakshinaayanam during which time the sun travels from North to South. From the month of Aadi all the festivals start for especially south Indians. The farmers start to sow the seeds in order to begin the cultivating season. The festivals start from this month till January. Due to change in sun’s position the position and effects of planets also change and hence astrologically it is believed that rituals and important occasions are not celebrated during this time. During this time the River Cauvery also flows with intensity.

The Aadi month is meant for performing prayers to God and surrendering to God. This is the month which is supposed to be the right time for the devotees to express their devotion immensely towards God and hence is auspicious. This month is inauspicious in the terms of not to allow people to carry out personal celebrations. Instead, Aadi month is very much ideal to offer various kinds of prayers to God. In order to make people extend their extreme devotion towards God in this auspicious month of Aadi, the Hindu scriptures just say that this period is not valid for carrying out normal personal functions and is inauspicious for personal activities. So, Aadi is inauspicious for celebrating personal functions and not for performing spiritual activities.

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