Why are Apples good for You?

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Why are Apples good for You?

An apple a day,¦ and you know the rest. It is true that eating apples everyday can make a difference. Apples are fruits that are high on pectin which reduces the risk of heart disease, cancers and other ailments. Pectin is also a big help against constipation and diarrhea, it also helps lower your cholesterol level by up to 16%. The natural fibers present in the apples also promote good digestion. It makes sure that your digestive track is in good condition and carries out its work well. A healthy intestinal track keeps the right nutrients in place and disposes of all the things that the body doesn’t need.

But the wonders of this fruit don’t end there. It is also rich in ‘antioxidants, that helps prevent respiratory diseases from taking hold of your body. For those who are weight conscious, apples not only aid in digestion but also help to lose weight. The truth is a high fiber intake is the key to proper weight loss. Even if you don’t exercise regularly, if you eat apples before meals it can make a difference. Good fibers and calories in the apples can make you feel ‘full, without eating too much. This will help you to lose weight in the process.

Apples are also a good source of Vitamin A, which promotes good eye sight. Recent studies show that apples also help protect the bones due to the presence of phloridzin and Boron. Phloridzin helps to fight against osteoporosis and helps increase bone density. Boron is a natural agent that helps strengthen the bones.

With all the benefits on eating the apple, everyone will find it hard not to indulge themselves in this age old fruit of wonders. You don’t have to look far to find the ‘apple of your eye,. It is just waiting for you to pick it up and start your day right.

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