Why Are Boys So Stupid?


Why Are Boys So Stupid?

Why are boys so stupid? This is probably the most common question of every girl. There is no scientific explanation about this but there is a sensible rationalization behind it. Well, they say girls matured faster than boys, which is true. On this statement alone, you will already realize why most girls consider boys stupid.

The idea of this is that girls tend to matured faster, and then what happened is they leave the boys behind. So, meaning boys are not really brainless, they only become stupid to girls because girls are more practical thinkers as their age increases.

We all know that boys and girls are totally different in many aspects. Both sexes will defend their own rights and opinions on how they see things and deal with circumstances. Therefore, if the boy’s rational towards something is different from the girl. The girl will already think that this boy is stupid because they’re judgment are poles apart.

The bona fide objective of the boys or men is to never grow up! It may sound sarcastic but it’s true for most of them. That is reason why, the typical guy will only mature as much as necessary to maintain a stable job and a steady girlfriend. As opposed to girls or women who need to grow up fast, because of their natural role of child bearing and rearing.

The only time a boy can act intelligent is if they love a girl enough, then they can pretend and act matured in order to please you. But that is not a guarantee that he will not trade your relationship with ball games, computer games or his friends. It’s just so challenging for the boys to give up their childhood and girls sometimes do feel the same way. But since girls are naturally more intellectual and responsible than boys, then girls only have two choices’š¬Ã¢â‚¬deal with them or leave them.

Author: maureen

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136 Responses

  1. Tununias

    October 2, 2012 12:07 am

    As a male, I have to say that I do not appreciate being placed into a broad category and then being called stupid. You are a very cocky individual, and you make very bold accusations. And as for this—-
    “The only time a boy can act intelligent is if they love a girl enough, then they can pretend and act matured in order to please you.”
    —- I do not need to pretend to be mature and intelligent. I already am that and more. In fact, I would have to say that I am more so than you.

  2. Lars Alexander

    October 22, 2012 2:39 am

    “the only time a boy can act intelligent is if they are trying to impress a girl”

    Only a female can get away with saying something so stupid. You’re stupid enough to say that they are no intelligent males? This article is so disgusting.

  3. Lars Alexander

    October 22, 2012 1:28 pm

    So I guess Scientist and Astrophysics-es are only intelligent because they want to impress some chick? It’s no wonder your twelve, Humans crave knowledge, and there are a lot of intelligent people around, Men and Women . Yes, Women sexually mature faster, Rational thinking and cognitive abilities don’t come with that. All guys need is a boner, Girls need wide hips, Mammary glands, developed ovary’s etc.

    You said women Mature faster? Yes, they sexually mature faster. That doesn’t mean that men don’t mature at all. You start off by saying women mature faster. Then you say Women are the only ones that mature and men don’t mature at all.

    why am I arguing with a 12 year old on the internet? Oh yea, She’s an ignorant sexist retard.

    • Girl Power

      February 24, 2014 4:34 pm

      I notice you’re a boy arguing against the truth as boys tend to do. I’m sorry, WHO did you say is a retard? This girl presented scientific facts. I believe YOU are the retard.

      • Anonymous

        August 22, 2014 3:02 am

        If they are talking about how boys don’t notice when girls try to be “flashy”
        cause that is a common subject in my school, and I seem to be the main target, but the girls who have “flashed” I do not find attractive, they assume I am too stupid to notice, I just simply don’t care.

      • Boy Power

        December 22, 2014 4:44 pm

        See, everyone assumes that boys are dumb and stupid. 🙁 Women always act like they’re smarter and better than us when they were the ones being treated horribly centuries ago. #genderequality #bothsexesaresmart

      • the voice of reason

        September 13, 2016 6:21 pm

        this is not the truth it is a opinion. boys are just as good as girls and vice versa if boys are dumb so are girls but both have the potential to be intelligent like rosaland franklin or steven hawking both incredibly intelligent and of different genders the list goes on for both

  4. Voice of reason

    November 11, 2012 2:57 pm

    Well it is a proven fact that girls mature faster. They hit pubrity first. But that doesn’t mean they will always be more mature. I am 14 and I know a few boys who are more mature then me and a few girls who are less mature then all the boys. But for the most part girls are the most mature. They also have a higher grade average and I know MANY MANY MANY more boys that watch porn then girls. But this is over generalised not all boys are immature. It is just a large number of them. And to the boys that arnt immature good for you! Wouldn’t it be great if all guys were like you? And to the people saying men rule the world men and women are both important to the world! The world could not go on without either. It is a known fact that boys are stronger but also that girls have a tendancy to be more level headed. But once again that’s just majorities lots of girls are stronger then lots of boys and lots of boys are smarter. The point is gender might leave majorities but it is the individual that judges who they are not their gender. And When people say men did everything they act like women just sat around and did nothing! Women were not allowed to build. If they were they would have. Now that they are they do. The reason more women stay at home with kids is because many men feel thier manliness would be threatened if it were them at home. Even if women did not work they would still provide just as much to the world as men, because if their mothers didn’t raise them well where would they be? And what I’d every mother in the world decided to tell her young innfulentual children that women were better then men? The kids would all grow up believing it and then where would men be? The point is that even though men got the world where it is women got men where they were. And women and men wil build the future together as equals

    • Tolazytocomeupwithaname

      May 26, 2013 9:14 am

      *puberty *aren’t *tendency By the way porn has nothing to do with maturity and puberty only matures someone sexually.

  5. Anonymous

    November 20, 2012 12:36 pm

    I agree wholeheartedly with the assertion that most guys wish that they could remain boys rather than men forever. Heck, that’s my goal in life after getting enough resources ($$$)! I’m making money not for money itself, but so that I can reclaim my lost childhood again! Yeah!!!

    The boy inside me didn’t grow up. He just got bigger.

    • Daniel

      December 1, 2012 10:35 am

      Unfortunately the writer ignored the research indicating that while women have accelerated maturity at a young age, these roles reverse towards early adulthood with women being held back struggling more with emotional complications such as projections and shadow elements.
      It is interesting to note that misandry amongst women is socially tolerated while misogyny amongst men is ostracized. How ironic is it that Yues writes is all caps that GIRLS ARE INNATELY BETTER while purporting to be more mature? 😉

      *sigh* How far we have yet to go in reaching intelligent dialog…

    • Anonymous

      May 9, 2013 6:02 pm

      “Yet Jesus is a man. Game over.”

      You disappoint me beyond word. So I felt the need to spell it out to you:

      Jesus may be a man, but it wouldn’t have made a difference. Jesus was one of the first religious leaders to not come out and directly say men are superior to women. In fact, he contradicted that insane idea.

      And may I also say. This article is pathetic, but so are the comments. Both are sexist. I am sick of this sexism, along with the rest of ideas that seperate humans. It doesn’t matter what our gender, race, ethnicity, religion, etc. is, we all still have 99% the same genes!

      And that 99% came out of a citable science textbook, unlike other statistics I see in the comment sections.

      So please. Just everyone cool it.

  6. neo

    December 5, 2012 5:06 pm

    OK…so women are smarter ..in what way?

    Lions use to rule the wild bcos they r strong now they are inside zoos.. we not stronger than the lions but smarter.

    Women neither strong nor smart..that’s why men rule the world..

    Look around you..from stapler..pen..to aeroplane…bridges..buildings who invented it…who built it…
    You girls need to be great full…

    There or plenty of countries women or fighting for right to vote…equal rights. …
    There are around 3 million sex slaves around the world…I am not saying its correct…but that’s your current state…

    You girls have plenty of work to be done…to live a life. Better focus on that….

    I never seen a women starter than a men counter part in my life so car…this is a honest comment…if I find I will definitely come back and write it that I found….

    • Jason

      January 1, 2013 6:32 am

      You are seriously not helping to make the male gender seem even remotely more intelligent. While I understand that sometimes it may be difficult to figure out the correct grammar for a specific sentence, spelling can be checked by google within a couple seconds. Also, as far as not knowing any women who are smarter than a man, I personally know multiple women who are currently going for Ph.Ds and whom I consider to be exceptionally intelligent. Just because you have not seen any women who were more intelligent does not mean that they do not exist, it just means that either you haven’t looked in the right places, you may be outright ignoring their intelligence, or you may not be intelligent enough to appreciate intelligence in others. While men may be better than women in some ways, there are a variety of ways that women are better than men, but this does not mean that either gender is innately better than the other, it just means that we need both to be able to survive. Also, the two human beings with the highest recorded IQ’s in history were both women.

    • Ariana

      May 14, 2013 11:00 pm

      I love how while you’re trying to make males sound more intelligent, you’ve made countless spelling errors.

  7. lovelorn

    January 18, 2013 2:05 am

    Girls are actually stupid that they believe in boys. They think that their guy loves them the most in the world and leaves everything for him. But boys keep flirting around with other girls secretly and act very intelligent in front of this girl who loves him more than anything….

    Yes, I am a girl, I am stupid that I believed in a Guy who doesn’t even care a shit for me.
    He wants all from me, but gives nothing…

    Yes, we girls are selfish, that we want the guy to love only us. Care for us when we r in need of them. Expect hug when we are depressed….But boys don’t even care, they would be in their own world going to work, watching TV, or just sleep….

    Yes we girls are stupids that we trusted the boys leaving the world behind

  8. flychix

    February 5, 2013 10:51 am

    i agree with lovelorn imagine how hard it is knowing that you love some1 who doesnt love you back…its very hard and pathetic…BOYS suck

  9. Tununias

    February 6, 2013 8:20 pm

    Do you want to know where true stupidity lies? In generalized statements and stereotypes. Boys are stupid; Girls are stupid; the whole human race is stupid for all I care. Just leave ME out of your endless cycle of stupidity. The only stupid thing I did was check the “Notify me of followup comments via e-mail” box. It’s just more useless spam in my inbox.

  10. princess

    February 12, 2013 2:31 am

    honestly who the hell cares. We are still the same species and I personally find it ridiculous how so many people are obsessed with separating us apart because of our gender, not only that but our looks, ethnicity, intelligence and talents etc. who is to say who is less or more intelligent? we are all intelligent but in different ways. honestly who is more or less is just an opinion, in the end we should all just forget our “differences” and remember how much better off we are if we lived in unity&& peace. If a woman can’t find a man who connects to her or vice versa, skip that person and find someone who does. Can’t base an entire group based on their gender or whatever.

  11. David

    February 24, 2013 4:10 am

    OMFG lovelorn… If you looked at what you typed, in the eyes of a man, you would UNDERSTAND that men need a f*cking break too!! Just because there is sexism against women, does NOT mean there is no sexism against men. It is just overloked. Ya know why? No, you don’t; because 75% of girls are too ignorant to stop and think what men would feel like with the world and prejudice of men. Yes, women are smarter than men, usually, but that doesn’t mean always. Just because men are considered the “stronger gender” does not mean we are emotionless. Society is o-fuckin’-kay with girls complaining about this, but yet society flips out when men do it. I just wish there was no sexism or racism at all -_-.. But that obviously will never happen.. *sigh*..

  12. Chris

    March 13, 2013 2:54 am

    Quite sad. IF the genders were reversed in the topic title, most forums would have moderators deleting the question immediately.

    Why sad? Because we live in a western world where we have to pretend 1 sex is smarter than the other. If a woman stood up and said women are starter than men, everyone would clap. If a man did the same, he would get booed off the stage.

    The truth is we have dumb in both sexes.

    It can be argued women act like children (especially emotionally) to better relate to them – thinking short term, and not long term like men.

    911 flight recordings depict women screaming and crying for help, while men are shouting orders at each other to solve the problem at hand.

    Then again, 94% of all inventions were created by MEN, wheras only 6% by women. Most of our geniouses are Men, while mosts of our idiots are men too. (Women tend to cluster together in the middle of the bell curve.) Men overall have an IQ about 5 points higher than women, but that is brought up by the high genius scores.

    So why battle it out? You don’t see this tension exist between men and women in other non-western countries,……Very simple:
    Billions are given to womens groups each year that depend on conflict between men and women. They lobby for tougher laws that make more things illegal, which in turn creates more urgent statistics that require more funding for next year.
    End result, is a growing faction of society depending on this myths and lies to keep the money rolling in for next year.

    • Some Female

      April 1, 2013 6:45 am

      On the other end of the spectrum, I work in a male dominated industry and their bitchiness, obsession with their appearance and “ego”, along with their constant whining drives me insane (literally the epitome of first world problems). They’re also nowhere near as good, productive or intelligent as any females I work with.

      Obviously, this is because I come into contact with more males than I do females, and my particular line of work, females only bother studying for years in this field because they’re motivated and focused. Males on the other hand just sort of fall into it, put in “enough” effort and spend the rest of their time floundering around. I do realize, however, that my opinion is entirely subjective, and idiocy doesn’t discriminate based on gender.

      Women never did anything? I wonder why? Look at the mathematician Sophie Germain as an example; she was never formally educated as she couldn’t be accepted into any education institutions due to being a woman, yet made some very important contributions to mathematics. She had correspondences with Gauss, who found her to be brilliant (even before he found out she was a female), as well as correspondences with Lagrange and Legendre. If she was formally educated and allowed to carry out her work in a non-mysogynist society she probably could’ve done a lot more.

      Women have only fairly recently gained the rights to proper education and training, and it’s taking even longer for society to make the shift. You need to know there is no superior sex, only a ridiculous perception perpetuated by bigots.

      As for women who are taken and used as sex slaves; this isn’t due to women being pathetic and weak, it’s because a lot of men are completely and utterly disgusting. These men don’t think with anything else but their penis, they don’t care about women, or even see them as people. They see them as a useless attachment to a pleasure hole that can make them money. Typically, these men lure young, impressionable and quite often desperate girls into these situations. This also happens to young boys in certain countries, though it’s much less publicized, but men are AGAIN the ones at fault.

      Please get a clue before you try to have an opinion on something, and lose the misogyny.

  13. Female

    April 4, 2013 5:51 pm

    Of course this was written by a misandrist woman. Or an angry 12-year old. I mean, she’s claiming that women are smarter than men but can’t keep her grammar in check.
    I’m a woman, and I appreciate the contributions that women have made to society (ie, right to vote, jobs, etc) but I really don’t think that women are smarter than men or that men are smarter than women. It’s kind of stupid to argue that one sex is smarter than the other. It’s like arguing that chocolate ice cream is better than vanilla: pointless.
    I don’t think that this is even an argument that needs to be made. Misandrists are just as bad as misogynists in my opinion, and I think it’s safe to say that calling men stupid is a pretty misandrist thing to do.

  14. Logan O'Hara

    December 29, 2013 12:20 am

    Well brain I’m sorry. I know that I have commited time to fill you with knowledge, but alas, I am but a 14 year old boy. And as this article has said, I clearly must be stupid. So in that case, goodbye Schrödinger, see ya later Higgs Boson particle, nice knowing you quantum mechanics, because my simple, underdeveloped male brain just can’t possibly be filled with useful information.

    Seriously though, the amount of sexism in this article… truly, it pains me.

  15. boy

    June 23, 2014 1:12 pm

    GIRLS learn the hard way face it giving birth periods yes boys dont have things that are painfull we are spoiled girls were made to suffer in a way when boys are immuture look they cant help it sometimes testosterone bursts girls whould never understand girls will never compair to that.

  16. Immortal

    January 20, 2015 3:20 pm

    please note all of you that the men and women were naturally made to do things differently so we as a RACE could survive men were built bigger stronger faster (not to say women cant be that way) and have the hormones and the thoughts they do so they could kill or intimidate predators women were built more small petite caring loving and more emotional to take care of children better children weren’t afraid of there moms because women were built to look trustful and loving its all about the roles we as humans were naturally assigned to play men would gather food hunt and do physically demanding labor while women supported children cooked cleaned all to support children and men would protect the family even hormones work into this testosterone increases risk factor to take RISKS to protect and die things like that Indians a long time ago understood this so they played their natural roles because they understood men were better at some things and women were better at some things they didn’t complain because they knew they worked their roles to survive and that is every races goal it is to SURVIVE its in our brain and instinct so don’t say women did the dirty work they did the things equally to survive not because they thought men or women were less so in all honesty no gender is superior to another so get over yourself and deal with the fact that were equal

  17. RollsEyesAtFeminists

    May 23, 2016 8:43 pm

    If your claim to fame being mature is, ooh i’ve got blood on my vagina! that means i’m mature. Then that in itself is stupidity at it’s finest.

  18. Hmmsauce

    June 28, 2016 9:42 am

    I do believe that boys are immature to girls but it is because they are privileged to do so. Majority of us are raised with sexism. They are coddled from a young age and into being a young adult.. every behavior is rationalized. Eventually they learn. They can be sluts, they can rage in public, they may dress disheveled and odd, even speak incoherently and repeatedly mock others publicly even into old age… I do not believe boys are immature but I think they understand the privilege to be. Women are shamed like they were in colonial times for some of those behaviors. And if men really believe we have it so well, then I dare you to want to be one.. I mean you wish to be one right? We have it so well? So better off. I want to still want boys without the sexism of our parents.. Why girls like pink and boys like blue and anything else is deranged, even grounds for a psychologist or a camp to exorcise you.
    Eventually they lack compassion and understanding for real relationships and when they do enter one, it is a symbol to society that they are functional, goal achieving men, very few within a relationship actually practice what they preach and have a healthy exchange in a relationship.

    Men, infact, are intelligent but by default, they have the privilege to be fools and be coddled for it. We are reamed for any and all bad behaviors. That’s the hard truth. Neither is smarter or dumber or making more money, we’re raised that boy does that and girl doesn’t, period. They love to *act* like fools because they know they simply can on a whim.

    I am not saying this applies to EVERYONE, but there is several households in the world, especially overly religious where a lot of this applies. So just face it, yeah some were not raised with those values or learned to grow without them but I’m assured, if a guy is acting like an ass, its usually because he knows he can..

  19. Paul Martin

    January 5, 2017 1:52 am

    I am a Male. During the 44 years I have been alive I have met many females that I admire greatly for their abilities and intellect. That being said, I know of no one that I have seen deliver greater understanding of logic or knowledge than I had at ANY AGE unless they had superior exposure to that particular subject. This was soon remedied as I would research if I had any interest at all. The claiming one sex or the other is superior to the other sex is INCREDIBLY SEXIST and PREJUDICED. EVERY SINGLE PERSON on EARTH has different abilities than every other person and neither one is better or smarter or more valuable base on some imaginary criteria.


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