Why are Cells the basic unit of Life?

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Why are Cells the basic unit of Life?

The human body is by far the most incredible and detailed creation that there ever possibly could be. There are so many different little pieces and parts of the body that scientists and doctors have still not been able to describe or figure out and that is only getting halfway there. The brain is probably the most unusual and complex part of the body and researchers throughout the history of time have been trying to figure out how each and every part of it works, but to no avail.

The true soldiers of the body have to be the hard working cells that seem to protect, ruin and run every little thing that goes on inside and outside of the body. They are commonly referred to as the basic units of life and there is a very good reason behind that description. The cells really have the most important, but also the most basic functions in the body. They prevent disease and sickness, they provide limb movement, and they also provide brain activity which is the core reason we are all able to live and breathe today. The body just would not function at all if it were not for these incredible little soldiers taken charge and running the foundation of the body.

I can’t imagine how a doctor or scientist was first able to look at the cells and determine everything was because of them way back in the day. There are so many different and amazing things that the cells do for the body and mind and some of these things are negative and some of them are definitely positive. You have to take the good with the bad when it comes to the human body because it is so very complex and intricate. You just never know how one little cell is going to react to something, but it is always very exciting to learn about.

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