Why Are Drugs Illegal?


Why Are Drugs Illegal?

In the United States there are many different drugs such as cocaine, heroine, crack, ice, and marijuana, which are all illegal. They are illegal as they are addictive, mind-devastating and sometimes can be lethal. They are found to be harmful both physically and mentally. If the drugs are legalized, new problems of using these drugs will come up.

Of course drugs usage should not be legalized. They are dangerous to our health. Ecstasy causes lung cancer and it is scientifically proven that it damages our brain and it is fatal. Right from 19th century onwards, certain drugs have been restricted by the American government. By 1960, drugs like marijuana, amphetamine and psychedelics came on the scene and the government had to address the problem by enforcing some laws. In 1973, the U.S drug Enforcement Administration was created to make federal drug laws effective.

Drugs usage and the businesses related to it has made the countries rich. For example in 1997, Mexico’s GDP was $280 billion dollars while the estimates of drug money flowing through the country range from $70 billion to $200 billion annually. So drugs are responsible for illegal trading and corruption.

Well, why are these drugs illegal? They can damage brain, heart and other important organs. It does not help us to take good decisions. People harm others when they use drugs. Whenever a person is in problems and had taken drugs to make him feel better, he is only temporarily relieved from the problem but cannot solve it. Moreover, people get addicted to drugs very soon. Once a person is addicted it is very difficult to make him stop taking drugs. Stopping can cause vomiting, sweating and shaking.

A person using drugs has trouble in concentrating, gets into fights often, have red eyes mostly, cough a lot and have runny nose all the time. The drugs act as depressant, hallucinogen, make the user feel high, drowsy inhalant, narcotic and stimulant that energize the body temporarily. As these drugs cannot promote good health in society, they are considered illegal.

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3 Responses

  1. howabout this

    February 1, 2013 2:29 am

    Ok so this is the problem. People think that if drugs were all legalized that everyone would turn into a drug user. That is simply not true. People choose to use drugs or do pretty much anything else based on their own morals. Legalizing drugs is not going to all of the sudden turn everyone into junkies. In fact, drug use would be safer for users because instead of dangerous black market trade and people cutting drugs with other substances, they could be regulated like alcohol so people would be sure they are getting pure drugs. Personally, the reason I think is most important is that the government shouldn’t tell us what to do. It’s my body so why should anyone else try to tell me what I can put into it. The only person affected by drug use is the user. All drugs do is waste our money with organizations like the stupid DEA and put innocent, harmless people in jail which wastes even more of our money. Maybe you think the government should control every aspect of our lives, but even then look what happened with prohibition. Everyone knows that we can learn from history so lets take a look at prohibition. Did that decrease crime? No. In fact, prohibition created the black market for alcohol (EXACTLY how the current drug laws do today) which lead to boatloads of money for organized crime. This is literally exactly what is happening today with gangs and Mexican drug cartels. Making drugs illegal makes decreases safety for EVERYONE. Illegal drugs are the main fuel of crime in the U.S. and putting users in jail is not helping them if that’s what the government is claiming to do. Everyone pull your heads out of your asses and realize that this “War on Drugs” does nothing except create crime and waste our money, which we sure seem to be missing a lot of. End this bullshit war on drugs and give people in this country the freedom to do what they want with their bodies, especially when you can practically end crime in doing so and save the state a shitload of money.

    • Whtney

      April 27, 2013 8:58 pm

      Thank you. Some common sense for once. I dont need the government/laws to keep me from doing heroin. In fact the dea does the exact opposite of what it’s existence intends. It gives power to the drug cartels and increases crime. Anyone remember how prohibition failed miserable. Oh and by the way. The fact that drugs are illegal and people still use them should be an obvious eyeopener. If drugs were legalized the same people using them now would use them then. Everyone wont have become drug addicts. Only the drug addicts…..which….are….still…here. illegalizing and demonizing occassional recreational use of substances should be illegal in and of itself. Last time i checked we are supposed to live in a free country and if we arent free to make our own choices with our own bodies, we are not truly a democracy. Not to mention the dea demonizes marijuana whi h has immesearable medicinal uses but allows alcoholics to drink freely. Alcohol destroys lives and we are allowed to make that choice! Think about that for a moment.

      • Jacob

        January 16, 2014 4:25 pm

        You are both right on the aspect that drugs shouldn’t be illegal because of their effects on the body, for Christ’s sake alcohol and tobacco are legal! However I believe that the government criminalizes many of the those drugs because they believe that there would be such a larger group of junkies that would create havoc because they’re either high or need to get their fix. However, that idea is also ridiculous because Portugal (last time I checked) does not have any criminalized drugs whatsoever and has a lower crime rate (proportionally) than the US. What occurs is if a “junkie” breaks any laws (high or not) they must serve the regular corresponding sentence and is then offered rehab that would be paid for by the government. Ironically less people do drugs overall in Portugal


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