Why are Energy drinks bad?


Why are energy drinks bad?

Most people seem to have got used to energy drinks. A typical energy drink would comprise of caffeine, Ginseng, vitamin B, lots of sugar, Taurine and other medicinal herbs. It is also said by doctors that too much consumption of energy drinks might lead to heart problems, as stimulation of the heart will be higher by drinking more energy drinks. It is found that a typical energy drink, on an average, contains 80 mg of caffeine. So children are advised not to take these drinks.

Energy drinks may cause severe physical and mental problems. Muscle contractions, sleep disorders and stress effects are some of the symptoms observed in those adults who take too many energy drinks. Energy drinks in some local bars are mixed with alcohol, which might be even more harmful. Caffeine and sugar are energizers, and vitamin B, Ginseng and Gingko biloba increase the performance of the individual. Of course, usage of all these products might not be harmful in limited quantities, but will definitely spoil our health if taken in large quantities.

Taking energy drinks might lead to side effects even if they are taken in limited quantities, such as when alcohol is mixed in it. The side effects may be nausea, vomiting and a change in the normal heartbeat. It is also not recommended to use energy drink during exercise. Water and sports drinks might be more suitable in these situations. Sugar allows us to continue the exercise for a longer time, and salt supplements replaces the salt lost through sweat from the body. Energy drinks will provide more sugar, which might cause a stomach upset. Moreover, energy drinks are carbonated, and hence we cannot take too much. These drinks do not meet the dehydration caused during exercise.

Energy drinks may cause us to get addicted to it due to its ingredients. It is better not to have an energy drink when you want to replace the lost water in your body. Energy drinks are just beverages that can simply stimulate your body and raise your energy for a short time. Long term effects of energy drinks might be dangerous if they are taken beyond the allowed quantities.

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