Why are Enzymes Important?

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Why are Enzymes Important?

Enzymes are called biological catalysts. A catalyst is a molecule that can enhance the rate of a chemical or biochemical reaction. It brings the reactants together and facilitates the reaction to take place fast and effectively. Most of the reactions that require the catalysts for carrying out the chemical reaction can also take place without the catalysts. However, catalysts can make the reaction to occur rapidly so that biochemical reactions result in supporting the life.
Enzymes are as important as the air, water and food needed for our survival. They are very essential for the human body function as we cannot drink, eat, breathe, swallow and digest the food without them. Enzymes are involved in all these processes and help the body to complete those processes in time. Therefore, enzymes are observed to be important in our life.
Healthy living with our body can happen with the help of many metabolic processes that are catalyzed by enzymes. Enzymes perform the task of synthesizing, mixing, delivering or secreting important ingredients that are used by the human body. They also eliminate several unimportant chemicals that are not used by the human body. At the early years of human life, the enzymes are supplied in bulk. The young people feel very energetic always as the enzymes actively participate in carrying out the fat burning as well as other metabolic processes. As we become old, the efficiency of the enzymes and in turn the metabolism reduces gradually. As we progress in age, we slowly lose the ability of digesting spicy food and will have less ability to overcome the pain due to sports injuries or tiredness.
As people advance in age, the enzyme activity decreases and the stamina of the body reduces eventually. This reduced vigor in the body leads to the body weakness. Slowly and gradually the vigor and vitality in the body decreases with the gradual reduction in the effectiveness of the enzymes. At old age,the same thing happens to the enzymes that lose the vigor and do not allow you to enjoy life but suffer from weakness.

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