Why are Ethics a concern in an Academic environment?

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Why are Ethics a concern in an Academic environment?

Ethics is a branch of philosophy that is concerned on the difference between ‘right and wrong,, ‘morality and immorality,. To be more precise, you could also refer to it as the ‘Golden Rule,. Ethics is important not only in society but also in an academic environment.

The reason for this is because of corruption. Corruption is rampant on our society and it has many forms. One of these forms is the act of bribing teachers to raise our grades, for passing us, for favoritism and the likes. Ethics lies on our ability to make ‘the right choice, or the ‘right decisions,. Since decision making is an everyday routine, people usually make a mistake here and there (which is natural). Their sense of justice, their morals and beliefs are the things that affect their decisions the most.

Ethics in an academic environment will test a student’s will power. Students tend to look for the ‘quickest, way possible. The means to get what they want may not always be the right thing to do, but they do this nevertheless. These instances are where ethics comes in. The end may not always justify the means, the opposite of what others believe.

Respect, fairness and equality are possible for those that can persevere, through the hardships of academic life. You will not only feel good about yourself because you became successful through your own efforts, but because you did it ‘fair and square,. It will also prepare you for the time, when you will enter society as one of the next generation.

When we make decisions, it does not only affect ourselves but also people that gets involved with our decisions. The road may not always be smooth sailing, especially with tough decisions. You just have to use your heart and your brain, to know on what is right and what is easy.

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